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Main Streets


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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Why Calgary's main streets are so important

Main streets are important to the long-term growth of our city, and are ideal places for mixed-use development, including​ residential, commercial and retail development. Access to transportation options, infrastructure and amenities make these areas great places to live, work or visit.

The Municipal Development Plan

Calgary's Municipal Development Plan was adopted by City Council in 2009. It contains policies that will shape how Calgary grows and develops over the next 30 to 60 years. Calgary is expected to grow by another 1.3 million people over that time which makes it important that we plan for our future. The Municipal Development Plan includes long term growth target minimums for main streets (referred to as corridors in the Municipal Development Plan). To view the growth target numbers and current progress for each main street, view the local statistics and growth targets section of the main street web page.


City planners listened and learned from main street users, neighbourhood residents, industry experts and economic specialists to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for growth and development in main street areas.

​This included an in-depth review of comments, concepts and ideas from Calgarians, business and property owners gathered throughout 2015 and 2016 as well as dialogue with industry representatives, market research and growth trends. Based on these key insights we began to align existing City programs to plan for the future of these areas. This included a review of all local area plans and policies currently in place for main street areas to determine if additional work was needed.

By reviewing all of the input, research and through careful analysis, three key areas for action were identified: innovation, investment and planning.

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Phase 1 - Learning and understanding (complete)

The first phase focused on learning and understanding. Learning about all of Calgary's main streets - their history, character and the local market from residents, businesses, industry representatives and experts.

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Phase 2 - Analysis and evaluation (complete)

By analysing local input and economic information, the Main Streets team will evaluate what policy; land use or other planning options would benefit Calgary's main streets.

View full report of what we've learned

Phase 3 - Creating an implementation plan (complete)

The work in this phase provided strategic planning direction, aligned processes and identified resourcing required for growth opportunities in main street neighbourhoods.

Review and approvals

Calgary Planning Commission

Calgary Planning Commission is an advisory body that reviews all rezonings and Area Redevelopment Plan amendment recommendations.  They will review and make comments on the proposed solutions and provide to City Council for them to consider when making their decisions.  

While members of the public are welcome to attend Calgary Planning Commission meetings, it is not a public hearing and there is no opportunity for speaking.  Calgary Planning Commission meetings can be viewed in person or on Council and Committee webcasts​.

City Council

Once the proposed solutions for Main Streets have been review by Calgary Planning Commission, the Main Streets team will present their recommended land use solutions and policy changes to City Council for review and approval. City Council members will have an opportunity to ask questions of clarification on the proposed changes and then open a Public Hearing. During the Public Hearing portion of the meeting Calgarians can share their views. 

After the Public Hearing and discussion with citizens, City Council members will vote on the recommended rezonings and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments.  

For more information on speaking at a Public Hearing, viewing a City Council meeting online or in person, or to learn how to get in touch with your Ward Councillor, visit ca/citycouncil.

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Who's involved

There are a lot of people working together to build the Calgary we know and love today. As Calgarians, we all benefit from living in a city with thriving main streets.

Through this initiative, we've listened and learned from residents, businesses, industry professionals and other main street visitors, to make well informed, strategic planning decisions.

Working together

Experts from across The City are working together to consider the input provided by Calgarians. There are numerous elements that are important to the success our main streets; public input, industry feedback and research have been analysed to identify opportunities for improvement or alignment with existing programs and services.

Streetscape and urban design

This includes consideration of urban design elements and features such as street trees, benches/seating, lighting and public art.

Public Transportation

This includes considerations of features and services related to buses and c-trains. The Main Streets team is working with the Green Line team and other City partners to ensure that relevant input is shared across the corporation.

Walking features

This includes considerations for the places and spaces where people walk. The Main Streets team is working with the Pedestrian Strategy team and other City partners to ensure that relevant input is shared across the corporation.

Cycling features

This includes considerations for the places and spaces where people ride or park their bicycle.

Population growth

This includes considerations about the needs of the main street based on the future population growth.

New/redevelopment of buildings and spaces

This includes considerations about how land in these areas is designated for various types of use.

Parks and public spaces

This includes considerations about parks or outdoor gathering spaces.

Heritage buildings

This includes considerations about buildings with significant historical value. Many main streets are surrounded by some of Calgary's first communities, as we plan for the future, this heritage character and its conservation will be examined. Heritage Planners are documenting historically significant buildings located along Calgary's main streets.

Transportation infrastructure and parking

This includes considerations about roads, parking, traffic, intersections, bridges, pathways and other structures created to enable the transport of people and goods on the main street.