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Bowness Road NW (Bowness)


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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The Bowness Road NW main street is located in the community of Bowness, stretching from Bow Crescent to 60 Street NW. The community of Bowness was actually once a town until it was amalgamated by Calgary in 1963. The residents of Bowness, called "Bownesians", enjoy the community's diversity and friendly neighbourhood character. Bowness Road was recently upgraded as a "Complete Street" with a bike lane installed between 48 Avenue and 70 Street NW.

The Bowness Road NW commercial strip is the symbolic civic, commercial and social heart of Bowness. The broad street with angled parking and a low-scale collection of vernacular 1930s-60s commercial buildings, reflect Bowness’ image of an independent prairie town distinct from other commercial streets in Calgary.


Current Status

Active Projects

Bowness Road NW Planning – New Land Use Framework

The Main Streets initiative i​s going to make policy and land use improvements to the Bowness Road N.W. main streets area, to encourage a vibrant public realm, greater variety of retail and small business, and to increase local services and housing choices. Our team will analyze local input, economic information and infrastructure investments, to make proposed land use redesignations and amendments to the Bowness local area plan.

Our project team was in your community on March 1 and April 16 to introduce this project. If you were unable to attend or would like to review the project launch information again, please take a look at our information session poster boards.

City Council adopted the Developed Areas Guidebook in 2017 to provide consistency in the local area planning process for the developed areas of Calgary. The developed areas encompass both the inner city (neighbourhoods developed prior to the 1950s) and established areas (neighbourhoods built out between the 1950s and 1990s). The Developed Areas Guidebook provides a range of policy to guide decision making in the redevelopment of Calgary, including the use of Building Blocks that will be basis of a community framework for all new local area planning. The Building Blocks provide a broad description of what types and sizes of buildings can be built.

Our project team has used Developed Areas Guidebook Building Blocks to propose a new community framework for the Bowness Road N.W. main street.  

Citizen input will inform decisions about growth and change in the Bowness Road N.W. main street area. We asked citizens to consider and discuss:

  • Residential and commercial development types along the main street
  • Residential and commercial development types transitioning from main streets to surrounding streets
  • How much of the length of Bowness Road N.W. should be considered for improvements
  • Where retail development is most appropriate and desired along the Main Street

Thank you for providing your input at our June  11, 2018 open house. If you were unable to attend or would like to review the information presented, please take a look at our open house poster boards​.

Proposed Land Use Changes 

Informed by the public input that started in the fall of 2014, land use options and policy changes have been drafted.  A proposed land use framework of new districts (rezoning) and amendments to local Area Redevelopment Plan have be created for review by Calgary Planning Commission and then City Council. 

This  map​ indicates the proposed rezoning. For further project information, timeline and engagement information visit our engagement project page.

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For more updates about the Bowness Road N.W. Main Street project, please subscribe to our Main Streets e-mail update.

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