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Bowness Road NW (Montgomery)


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Bowness Road N.W. (Montgomery)

The east side of the Bowness Road N.W. main street is located in Montgomery and runs from 48 Street to 16 Avenue N.W. Like its neighbouring community of Bowness, Montgomery started out as a town, then a village, and was eventually amalgamated by Calgary in 1963. The demographics continue to shift over time, as this area grows and continues on in its development. The Bowness Road N.W. main street has seen revitalization over the past several years with mixed use retail, commercial and residential buildings shaping a vibrant main street.

Montgomery Main Streets – Bowness Road N.W.

What's new or Project update

More than 150 people attended the Visioning Session in March and about 130 people shared their ideas for the Bowness Road N.W. Streetscape Master Plan. Please have a look at the What Was Heard report and the mapping tool summaries for Parking and Driving, Walking, Transit and Cycling, Placemaking and Streetscape and Safe Public Spaces.

Main Streets Program Overview 

The Main Streets Program was established to foster long-term transformation and sustainable population growth in key established communities throughout the city. From 2014 through 2016, The City undertook extensive public engagements, performed economic and market demand studies, and completed area planning reviews to identify 24 Main Streets throughout Calgary. 


Calgary’s Main Streets are places where citizens come together. They are places where we want to go, we enjoy, and we coalesce as a community. The transformation of Main Streets will occur jointly through public and private investment and will empower citizens to travel less and live more by providing the things we need right in our own communities.  


Main Streets are resilient, adaptable, and attractive public spaces that:

  • Celebrate the character of the community;
  • Encourage diversity of local businesses, buildings and residents, and;
  • Create a vibrant destination.

Bowness N.W. | Montgomery Streetscape Masterplan Overview

The Streetscape Master Plan will focus on Bowness Road N.W. To ensure Bowness Road N.W. is properly integrated into the community and the city at-large, the project will also consider connections to surrounding areas by including segments of 43 Street N.W. and 46 Street N.W. It will also align with the Complete Streets Policy and Guide and include safety and operational improvements for people walking, cycling, taking transit, and driving. 

The Streetscape Master Plan will propose near-term solutions to priority issues that are affecting the community today, as well as illustrate a long-term vision for Bowness Road N.W. as a memorable destination, a living room, and a hub for the community. As part of regular road maintenance, Bowness Road N.W. is scheduled for repaving in the near term. The road surface will be removed and replaced which presents an opportunity to redesign the road so it functions more effectively for all users.

The design concept proposed in the Master Plan will address all elements within the public right-of-way, as well as the interface between the street and adjacent buildings, parks, and plazas. This includes:

  • Vehicular circulation, traffic calming, transit, parking, and property access;
  • Cyclist and pedestrian circulation;
  • Street trees and vegetation;
  • Utilities and infrastructure;
  • Sidewalk materials, site furnishings, signage, and lighting, and;
  • Street programming, patios and parklets.

Master plan process

Phase 1 – Discovery

Phase 2 Explore
(Fall / Winter 2018)

Phase 3 – Reveal
(Winter / Spring 2019)

  • What are the current issues and opportunities, ideas and preferences?
  • How can we define a vision that will capture the character of Montgomery?
  • What types of interventions does the community need, now and tomorrow?
  • What options are there for near-term improvements?
  • What should Bowness Road N.W. look like in the long-term?
  • How can the Main Street promote redevelopment of underutilized lands?
  • How can the Main Street help local businesses?
  • What is the best option, and how can we implement it?
  • How will we measure success?

Public Engagement

The public engagement for this project will include a Key Stakeholder Group and three formal public engagement opportunities in Phases 1 – 3. Each public engagement opportunity will include an in-person event and an opportunity to provide feedback online.

The Key Stakeholder Group is intended to help the project team hear from as many perspectives as possible to develop the best street design for all road users. The Key Stakeholder Group will meet in advance of each public engagement event, and is comprised of representatives from the following organizations:

  • Active / sustainable modes groups (cycling, walking and taking transit)
  • Advisory Committee on Accessibility
  • Alberta Motor Transport Association
  • BILD Calgary
  • Calgary Board of Education – Transportation
  • Calgary River Valleys
  • Community members representing senior and youth demographics
  • Community Liaison Officer – Calgary Police Service
  • Livery Transport Advisory Committee
  • Montgomery Community Association (MCA)
  • Montgomery on the Bow Business Improvement Area (BIA)
  • Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator (The City of Calgary)
  • Representatives from groups helping vulnerable populations​

March 2018 Visioning Session

The public was invited to a Visioning Session on March 21, 2018, at the Montgomery Community Association to share their thoughts on community values, and how they imagined Montgomery should look and feel in the future. More than 160 people attended the event, and 21 feedback booklets were completed. People were also invited to provide input online from March 22 to April 4, 2018. In that time, 378 people visited the engage project page and of those, 111 provided feedback.

What we heard

Community history

57% of respondents said history was very or somewhat important to Montgomery’s current and future identity

Community values

Respondents said the community values that best represent Montgomery were accessible, family friendly, natural and active

Street character

The top themes relating to the street character images were pedestrian friendly / walkable, trees / greenery and sense of community

Social spaces

Respondents said social spaces should be family-friendly and include food and beverage businesses such as cafes, grocery stores and farmer’s markets


People suggested that high trees or greenery is better than low to reduce rodents, garbage and debris, and plants should provide separation / buffer from the road

Mobility – walking

A pleasant environment that encourages walking and greenery / aesthetics were the attractive qualities in the images provided

Mobility – cycling

Safe, protected cycling facilities were the most frequent comments received about the cycling images

Mobility – transit

Bus shelters were very important to respondents

Mobility – driving

The most frequent comments about the driving images were about reducing speed, maintaining parking and greenery and aesthetics


The features respondents were most drawn to were signage / banners / gateways / placemaking and art or murals

Encouraging safer public spaces

  • Comments about safer spaces could be divided into comments relating to transportation safety personal security as it relates to crime
  • For transportation safety, the biggest concerns were pedestrian crossings and high speeds
  • For personal security, undesirable behaviours (drinking in public, drugs, etc.) were the most frequent concerns
  • Ideas for improving safety were more lighting, slower speeds and more police presence / enforcement


Please view the Visioning Session What We Heard report for a complete summary, including verbatim comments.

Participants were also asked to identify opportunities and challenges on maps for Parking and Driving, Walking, Transit and Cycling, Placemaking and Streetscape and Safe Public Spaces​.

The input from this engagement will help The City develop design concepts for further input in the next stage of engagement.

Adjacent projects

There are several other projects occurring in the Montgomery community. The project team will work with other City project teams to share information and coordinate when possible.


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Council policies

This project aligns with several Council-approved policies and programs:


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