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Richmond Rd SW


Main Streets


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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The Richmond Road main street goes from Sarcee Trail to 37 Street SW between the communities of Glamorgan and Glenbrook.


This relatively high traffic route offers a variety of large and small scale commercial and retail. The communities of Glamorgan and Glenbrook attract a diverse demographic of residents who enjoy the neighbourhood access to amenities and transportation options.

Public Input

Comments were compiled from the Main Streets public engagement activities which took place from November 2014 through May 2015. The top issues, opportunities and outcomes were ranked in order of consensus and ratings from citizens. This input will be analyzed to inform the planning strategy for each main street.

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What we've heard

Top comments (ranked in order of citizen rating)


  1. Focus density on larger sites (ends of main street) with low to medium rise residential buildings
  2. Traffic calming along Richmond Road - this is needed to create a more pedestrian friendly environment
  3. Walkability is very important - Richmond Road should be made more aesthetically pleasing and safe.


  1. Transportation concerns - new development and construction of a ring road
  2. Loss of transit, not enough transit, poor links to downtown
  3. Transit along Richmond Road to Marda Loop - there is no public transit along Richmond Road/33 Avenue between 37 Street and 14 Street SW


  1. Safe and vibrant main street sidewalks
  2. High quality public realm elements
  3. More green and open space

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What we've learned

To start developing solutions which ensure the future success of Calgary’s main street neighbourhoods, City planners listened and learned from main street users, neighbourhood residents, industry experts and economic specialists to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for growth and development in these areas.

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Main Streets Richmond Road

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What's next

All of the public input and discussion with experts throughout the project included one common concept; focus the effort of the Main Streets initiative work on a few key or strategic streets in the short term to maximize chances of success. By analysing local input, economic information and infrastructure investments, the Main Streets team identified which main streets are good candidates for development and growth in the near future.

Once that success has been tested, it will then be applied to main streets across Calgary as the timing for growth makes sense based on the unique needs of each street.

Based on all the information gathered, a series of proposed solutions have been created which would enable growth in main street areas that have been identified as ready for development. To learn more about the areas with rezoning options and Area Development Plan amendments being reviewed and considered for approval in the near future, visit the Main Streets' rezoning information page.

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