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37 St SW

Main Streets

Planning the future of Calgary's thriving main streets.

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Land use zoning changes

    37 Street SW

    The 37 Street SW main street extends from Bow Trail to 26 Avenue SW, adjacent to the communities of Rosscarrock, Glendale and Killarney.

    Thank you everyone for coming out to the 37 Street SW information sessions. If you missed these events, here is a summary of what we heard.

    For information on how the land use bylaw relates to 37 Street SW see New Mixed Use Districts​.​


    This main street area is primarily a residential neighbourhood, close to the Westbrook shopping centre and LRT station. The communities of Rosscarrock and Glendale were founded in the 1950s, while Killarney developed earlier in 1906. Populations in the area have stayed relatively stable over the past 10 years.

    Public Input

    Comments were compiled from the Main Streets public engagement activities which took place from November 2014 through May 2015. The top issues, opportunities and outcomes were ranked in order of consensus and ratings from citizens. This input will be analyzed to inform the planning strategy for each main street.

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    What we've heard

    Top comments (ranked in order of citizen rating)


    1. Create curb extensions or 'bump outs' so pedestrians are more visible, put some trees into the 'bump outs' to crowd the street/create the effect of narrowing
    2. Define curb side parking--add curb extensions 'bump outs'
    3. Consolidate commercial space at the beginning and end of the block (corners) with residential, at grade, in between


    1. North end interface at Bow Trial - pedestrian crossings need some major improvements to be more visible, like surface texture and color
    2. 306 BRT schedule is too infrequent
    3. Maintain low density residential district off of the Main Street


    1. Create a destination
    2. More vitality
    3. Managed parking

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    What we've learned

    To start developing solutions which ensure the future success of Calgary’s main street neighbourhoods, City planners listened and learned from main street users, neighbourhood residents, industry experts and economic specialists to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for growth and development in these areas.

    View 37 Street SW key findings

    View full report of what we’ve learned​

    Local statistics and growth targets

    Growth potential

    Growth for this main street area is signifi​cantly less than the Municipal Development Plan target. The most relevant factors contributing to this are market desire and consumer preference, which haven’t driven redevelopment. Land use districts (zoning) must be in place to enable redevelopment potential to increase to desired population and employment levels, but strong market interest is a key for fueling new construction. Support from City services and infrastructure can have a positive impact on market demand and will contribute to the evolution of this main street.

    Market outlook

    The LRT station located northeast of this main street provides an opportunity for potential development and redevelopment in the area. This main street area has a high demand for redevelopment in the short-term, with significant market interest in residential units. Approximately 3,208 homes are expected to be built over the next 25 years, starting gradually between 2016 and 2020. The Westbrook Mall site has potential for office and general commercial retail development at a larger scale than most main street sites.

    Existing local planning

    Local planning

    The northern half of 37 Street SW is guided by the recent Westbrook Village Station Area Redevelopment Plan, approved in 2009. Public engagement, policy creation and internal City of Calgary review was directed by the goals and objectives of the Municipal Development Plan. Much of the northern half of this main street had City-initiated land use districts (zoning) put into place soon after the Area Redevelopment Plan, but not all areas. South of 17 Avenue SW on 37 Street SW, the Killarney/Glengarry Area Redevelopment Plan​, approved in 1986, contains policies to guide land use planning. The community of Glendale, east of 37 Street SW, has land use policy within the non-statutory West LRT Land Use Study. Both of these plans do not provide land use policies that support the Municipal Development Plan goals of a mixed use street along 37 Street SW.

    Current zoning

    37 Street SW is a key north-south connection in SW Calgary. While the northern half of the main street is adjacent to Westbrook Mall and has considerable zoning potential as part of that site’s redevelopment, the portion south of 17 Avenue SW (to 26 Avenue SW) is primarily zoned for single- or semi-detached homes. The current zoning does not allow the street to grow over time to meet the targets set in the Municipal Development Plan. This limits investment potential in new forms of housing and commercial space that provide housing options and benefit businesses in the neighbourhood.

    Rezoning could allow for more mixed use and apartment development along 37 Street and new housing options such as row- or townhouses, in addition to existing single- and semi-detached homes in Killarney and Glendale.