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36 St NE


Main Streets


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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The 36 Street NE main street reaches from Memorial Drive to 16 Avenue NE between the neighbourhoods of Franklin and Marlborough.


This area was largely undeveloped until the 1990s and more than a third of residents are new Canadians. Extensive retail and shopping centres, including Marlborough Mall and Franklin Mall, car dealerships, a couple of hotels and the Marlborough LRT Station are located on this busy corridor.

Public input

Listening and ​learning

Main street users provided their input at workshops, through an online mapping activity, online surveys, and at information sessions. Through the input shared by Calgarians, City staff learned what’s working or needs improvement for each of Calgary’s main streets. Learn more

Comments were compiled from the Main Streets public engagement activities which took place from November 2014 through May 2015. The top issues, opportunities and outcomes were ranked in order of consensus and ratings from citizens. This input will be analyzed to inform the planning strategy for each main street.

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Discussing options and reviewing solutions

36 Street NE had additional public input opportunities to review and discuss planning concepts informed by previous public input sessions. Main street users and residents shared input on the tools and techniques that will be used to prepare these main street areas for growth and change. 

Calgarians shared input related to:

  • Development types transitioning from main street to surrounding streets
  • Land use requirements for retail development
  • Considered factors when planning future large redevelopment sites

View a summary of what we heard at these input sessions, summary of what we heard.

What's next

Informed by the public input that started in the fall of 2014 and was completed in the fall of 2016, land use options and policy changes are being refined and will eventually be presented to Calgary Planning Commission, Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development and City Council for approval.

To learn more about the areas with rezoning options and Area Development Plan amendments being reviewed and considered for approval in the near future, visit the Main Streets' rezoning information page.

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What we've heard

Top comments (ranked in order of citizen rating)


  1. New intersection design at Marlborough Drive
  2. More residential development along 36 Street NE - get less people driving
  3. Convert and rezone large parking lots and strip malls to higher intensity and mixed uses


  1. Can't get a walk signal heading East to West because lights are not synced and are too short, especially for seniors and children
  2. Transit station bottleneck - too concentrated in one spot. Bus stops too close to the intersection
  3. No bike infrastructure - dangerous to cycle, especially along 36 Street NE


  1. Safe and comfortable multi modal main street
  2. High quality public transit facilities
  3. More landscaping

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What we've learned

To start developing solutions which ensure the future success of Calgary’s main street neighbourhoods, City planners listened and learned from main street users, neighbourhood residents, industry experts and economic specialists to understand the unique challenges and opportunities for growth and development in these areas.

View 36 Street NE key findings

View full report of what we’ve learned​


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