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Main street land use and policy changes



Main Streets


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Active projects, Active Main Streets projects


Active projects

​Active Main Streets projects

Active projects

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We’ve listened to Calgarians­­

The Main Streets initiative started by listening and learning from Calgarians about what is working well or could use improvement for Calgary’s main streets. Between November 2014 and October 2016, City planners heard from more than 3600 Calgarians about how they would like their main streets to grow and change. Main street users and residents invested 1633 hours of discussion at public input sessions or online to inform planning decisions about these communities. Learn more

Three key areas for action were identified: innovation, investment and planning. To encourage a vibrant public realm, variety of retail and small business and increase local services, The City is going to make policy and land use improvements to your main street and others. Once a new land use framework is approved, City Council will review recommendations for investment along the main street. We will first design the urban and public spaces, then identify potential funding to improve this main street. Innovative approaches will follow with review of parking and traffic management strategies. As these action items move forward, in the design and implementation phase, there will be additional opportunities to share your thoughts.

What this means to your community

There are 24 main streets across Calgary as specified in the Municipal Development Plan – Calgary’s long term growth plan. Through the Main Streets initiative, several main streets have been identified as areas ready for new development and growth. Main street communities are attractive and vibrant areas where Calgarians want to live, work and visit. These established communities have excellent transportation options giving residents and people working in the area, the choice to walk, cycle, drive or take transit. By encouraging new development and increasing the population in main street areas through great housing choice, the vitality of local businesses, amenities and services can grow and be maintained.

By analysing local input, economic information and infrastructure investments, the Main Streets team identified which main streets are good candidates for development and growth in the near future. The following main streets will have land use redesignations (rezonings) and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments which  have been presented to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council for approval. 

Visit the main street pages below to find detailed information and plans for each.

What’s next

Implementation plan

Informed by the public input that started in 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2016, the Main Streets team has refined land use options and policy changes. This work includes proposed land use redesignations (rezonings) and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments which will be presented to Calgary Planning Commission and City Council for approval.

Review and approvals

Calgary Planning Commission

Calgary Planning Commission is an advisory body that reviews all rezonings and Area Redevelopment Plan amendment recommendations.  They will review and make comments on the proposed solutions and provide to City Council for them to consider when making their decisions.

While members of the public are welcome to attend Calgary Planning Commission meetings, it is not a public hearing and there is no opportunity for speaking.  Calgary Planning Commission meetings can be viewed in person or on Council and Committee webcasts.

Calgary Planning Commission presentation date: TBA

City Council

Once the proposed solutions for Main Streets have been review by Calgary Planning Commission, the Main Streets team will present their recommended land use solutions and policy changes to City Council for review and approval. City Council members will have an opportunity to ask questions of clarification on the proposed changes and then open a Public Hearing. During the Public Hearing portion of the meeting Calgarians can share their views.

After the Public Hearing and discussion with citizens, City Council members will vote on the recommended rezonings and Area Redevelopment Plan amendments. 

For more information on speaking at a Public Hearing, viewing a City Council meeting online or in person, or to learn how to get in touch with your Ward Councillor, visit

City Council presentation date: 

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Development and local impro​vements

Once land use and policy change have been put into place, land owners will be able to build the new building types and uses allowed by the updated bylaw. In main street areas, this will increase the popul​ation and sustain a greater variety of local businesses and services. Considering this future growth, The City will calculate the infrastructure investments and local improvements that will compliment the needs of these areas. Programs related to streetscape master planning, heritage and character home retention and parking solutions are already underway and will continue to be looked at for these areas. ​​