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History of the Municipal Development Plan

The process to create the Municipal Development Plan started in 2005 when over 18,000 Calgarians participated in imagineCALGARY​ to create a shared vision for our city. The result was the imagineCALGARY Plan for Long Range Sustainability.

In 2007, City Council asked City staff to create integrated plans for the future of transportation and land use. The City then engaged over 6,000 Calgarians to shape the vision for these plans through a process called ‘Plan It Calgary’. The goal of ‘Plan It Calgary’ was to set out a long-term direction for sustainable growth that would accommodate another 1.3 million people over the next 60 years. ‘Plan It Calgary’ was grounded in smart growth principles and Council's Sustainability Principles for Land Use and Mobility​

During Plan It Calgary, Calgarians spoke of the need for a more sustainable city that provides the citizens of today and in the future with a high quality of life, high quality of living environments and convenient means to get around.

City staff presented the two resulting plans – the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan to City Council in 2009, and both plans were approved. Both plans now form the foundation for all urban planning decisions in our city.

Past Engagement and Municipal Development Plan Research

There were a number of background reports conducted during ‘Plan It Calgary’, including ones involving methodology, sustainability principles, key directions for land use and mobility, engagement details and background material. For further information, or to get a copy of these documents please email: