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Learn more about the Municipal Development Plan

The City has produced a series of videos if you want to take a closer look at the Municipal Development Plan and learn how it applies to future development in Calgary. You can also read our Guide to the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan for an in-depth look at how the plans are used by City staff.
Chapter 1​
1.1 Learning objectives of eLearning
1.2 Role and scope of the MDP​
​1.3 Interpretation and implementation
​1.4 Local Area Plans
​1.5 Applications of the MDP
Chapter 2​ ​2.2 Overview of City-wide policies
​2.3 Understanding City-wide Policies
​2.4 How Part 2 of the MDP is organized
​2.5 Prosperous economy
​2.6 Shaping a more compact city
​2.7 Creating great communities
​2.9 Connecting the city
Chapter 3​ 3.1 Introduction to Typologies​
​3.2 The Centre City
​3.3 Activity Centres
​3.4 Corridors
​3.5 Developed residential areas
3.6 Developing residential areas​
​3.7 Industrial areas

A similar series of educational videos has also been produced for the Calgary Transportation Plan