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Municipal Development Plan Implementation 2020

Planning Development & Assessment (PD) is leading the required 10 year review of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), which will assess what activities, projects, programs, and operations The City still needs to implement for us to successfully achieve its objectives.  Regular reporting back to Council will determine whether required activities to implement the MDP will be taken on or whether the policy direction of the MDP remains appropriate or requires adjusting.  With the help of all business units and departments, PD will recommend an implementation plan to Council that will best align with our current objectives.

As a visionary document, the MDP guides the general development objectives of The City of Calgary.  The assessment of MDP implementation will determine how well The City is doing to meet the objectives and identify specific implementation actions to help better achieve MDP policy goals.

The MDP requires a major review of the Core Indicators for Land Use and Mobility on a ten-year basis as part of the MDP policy review process.  This review will assess whether the policy direction remains appropriate or requires adjusting.  Each metric and target will be evaluated to ensure alignment with the vision and policies of the MDP and Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP).

Every department and business unit within The City is accountable to the objectives and policies with a corporate-wide responsibility to ensure the work is aligned with the vision of the MDP.

Section 2.2 Shaping a More Compact Urban Form

City staff conducted engagement with internal and external stakeholders in 2013 to identify the most significant priority and challenge to implementing the MDP.  This engagement showed that Section 2.2, Shaping a More Compact Urban Form was the biggest priority and greatest challenge.

Beginning in the spring 2015, PD will be reaching out to all business units in the corporation to assess the current state and level of success in achieving the implementation of Section 2.2.  and identify the opportunities and challenges. 

Engagement with external stakeholders will occur in 2016.

The anticipated outcome of engagement will result in a report to Council (target mid 2016) that prioritizes projects, programs and operations necessary to the success of Section 2.2, with indications of how the objective could be impacted if projects are not completed or planned for.

Click on this link to view a video that will provide more background on Section 2.2, Shaping a More Compact Urban Form


Ten Year Report

Continued review of MDP objectives will occur beyond 2016 culminating in a ten year report. This report will evaluate whether the policy direction remains accurate and achievable based on the decisions of Council.  It could also present options for potential modification of the MDP if Council does not agree to specific critical projects.