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Monitoring the Municipal Development Plan's Success

A high-level report on Calgary’s progress towards the goals in both the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation Plan are completed prior to each business plan cycle.  This information shows areas where the city is making progress, and where we need to improve to fulfill our 60 year vision.

​Date ​Info
​November 2013 ​First report completed (on how we are doing)
​January 2014 ​Report presented to Council
​End of 2017 ​Next reporting period

Monitoring Report

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) sets out a monitoring program which measures how well the city is progressing against the 14 core indicators outlined in Section 5.3 of the MDP.

The first monitoring report  was completed in November 2013 and was presented to City Council in January 2014.

City staff used 14 indicators to measure progress in the three-year reports. In the 2013 Monitoring Report, eight of those indicators moved in the right direction, three have not changed since they were last measured and three are moving farther away from their Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan goals.

Some of the most positive trends in Calgary’s growth are:

  • Population density across the city has increased by 10 per cent and new communities have a greater mix of housing options. 
  • The trend of people leaving older neighbourhoods to move to new communities on the outskirts has been reversed. 
  • The City has improved transit service greatly, especially the transit service along the primary transit network.

 The report also identified some areas where we need to improve:

  • The car is still the most popular way of getting around and auto use has actually increased as a percentage of all transportation options used. 
  • The percentage of Calgary covered by hard surfaces has increased, which can have an impact on the health of our waterways.

Many of the things the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan aim to change take several years to actually show. This is because both plans outline how new communities should be designed and how proposed developments should be evaluated. Typically, the design and approval of development and infrastructure upgrades happens years before the construction is complete, and many of the goals in the plans are only measurable once construction is complete.

The gap between the planning and completion of new developments and infrastructure means most of results shown in the 2013 Monitoring Report are actually the result of decisions made before the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan were approved in 2009.

The MDP Monitoring Report is presented to Council every four years, with the next report due in 2018.


Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan has been recognized both provincially and nationally for its contribution to the future of our city. Two significant awards received are: