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The 2020 Sustainability Direction

​The 2020 Sustainability Direction is a strategic guide for transformation that identifies what must happen at The City by the year 2020 to contribute towards the imagineCALGARY 100-year vision.  The 2020 Sustainability Direction links imagineCALGARY’s long-term vision and plan to The City’s business plans and budgets.  The business plans and budgets act as reference points in moving to the longer-term horizon. This provides a logical place in time to meet community needs and expectations, and establish the capacity to deliver on these results.   

The 2020 Sustainability Direction is an integrated, innovative and long-term approach for achieving a more sustainable city. The process in developing this strategy involved people in every department across the organization.  Sustainability is not new to The City, from the Triple Bottom Line Policy to the Municipal Development Plan, The City has the knowledge and expertise within the corporation to deliver on the goals, objectives and targets.  There is an acknowledgement that every decision made has multiple outcomes and the 2020 Sustainability Direction was built as a tool to support decisions that will deliver the best possible outcomes.   

We know where we are going and how to get there. Think connected!

The 2020 Sustainability Direction Annual Report (2014)

2014 is the third annual report on The City of Calgary’s 2020 Sustainability Direction. The City’s focus in the third year of implementation was to refine the indicators, and track progress towards the objectives. One of the main intents for 2014 was to determine whether The City is on track to achieving the goals, objectives and targets for 2020.

Highlights include:

  • Over 79 per cent of the objectives and 77 per cent of the targets are considered to be on track.
  • Most of the remaining indicators either face issues with measurement or are tied to initiatives that are on hold. Some of the challenges that have been identified result from either The City having no, or limited, influence over the performance (for instance objectives related to the economy and labor market), or limits to data availability and accessibility.
  • The objective related to community Green House Gas (GHG) emission reduction is considered challenging. This is largely due to Calgary’s growing population.

2014 Reports

The 2020 Sustainability Direction Annual Report (2014) identifies and communicates areas of alignment with the 2020 objectives as well as areas of challenge. The report identifies the status of each of the objectives within the six main goal areas.

The 2014 Detailed Appendix includes the full suite of targets/indicators and available data for each of the objectives. Each goal and objective is reported on in detail and comments are provided where appropriate to provide context or examples.

Historical 2020 Sustainability Direction Annual Reports

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