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Building Permit complete application requirement lists, fee schedules, forms & brochures

The following Building Permit Complete Application Requirement Lists (CARLs), fee schedules, forms, and brochures detail the information necessary to process Building Permit applications. These checklists are updated periodically; please ensure you are using the most current copy by downloading a new list each time you need one.

For Development Permits see our Development Permit Complete Application Requirement Lists page.

For questions about any of the documents listed below, please contact  Planning and Development at 403-268-5311.

2016 Fee Schedules

Business Licence Fee Schedule
Building and Trade permit fee schedule
Land Use Amendment fee schedule
Development Permit/Planning Applications fee schedule
Planning Documents Records fee schedule
Subdivision fee schedule

2016 Fee Calculation Forms

Building Permit Fee Calculation - Alterations
Building Permit Fee Calculation - Commercial
Building Permit Fee Calculation - Demolition
Building Permit Fee Calculation - High Rise
Building Permit Fee Calculation - Low Rise
Building Permit Fee Calculation - New Homes
Trade Permit fee estimator

Commercial / Industrial

Application Requirement Lists

Demolition Permit
Environmental Restoration
Commercial Interior Partitioning
Commercial New Projects and Additions
Retaining Wall - (spanning two or more lots)
Special Functions/Temporary Use
Temporary Sales Centre
Upgrading of Existing Personal Developmental Disability (PDD) Houses

Additional Forms / Information

Application form / pre-screening form
Asbestos Abatement form
Building Permit Revision
City of Calgary Access Design Standards, 2010
Commercial Building Permit fee calculation form
Commercial Partial Permit Submission and Release Requirements
Environmental Restoration pre-screening form
Environmental Restoration Permit application form
Occupancy Permit application form
Strata Space Plan Subdivision Guide - variance application requirements
Universal Design checklist

Quick Release - Pilot Project

Commercial: Office Interior Renovation
Commercial: Fire Alarm (repair/upgrading)
Commercial: Parkade Repairs
Commercial: Demising Walls
Commercial: Interior Partition Removal
Commercial: Special Function/Temporary Use


Application Requirement Lists

Accessory Residential Building
Accessory Residential Building - Online Applications
Addition to a Single Family or Duplex Dwelling
Basement Development or Home Improvement
Demolish or Move a Building
Development Permit Exempt Secondary Suite
Backyard Suite
Duplex Conversion
Environmental Restoration
Fireplace - Wood Burning
Foundation Only
Hot Tub
Manufactured Home Addition
Manufactured Home - New or Relocation
Repairs after Fire
Residential Deck in Developed Area (R-C1L, R-C1, R-C1N, R-C2)
Residential Deck in Developing Area(R-1N, R-1, R-2)
Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall (spanning two or more lots)
Secondary Suite
Semi-Detached Dwelling
Single Family or Duplex Dwelling
Single, Semi-detached, or Duplex Dwelling - Online Applications
Special Functions/Temporary Use
Swimming Pools
Temporary Sales Centre
Uncovered deck - online applications


Guide to Calculating Height Checks

Additional Forms / Information

Residential Custodial Care

Alberta Building Code Schedules

Schedule A1
Schedule A2
Schedule B1
Schedule B2
Schedule C1
Schedule C2

Trade Permit Applications and Requirement Checklists

AFE (Automatic Fire Extinguisher) Mechanical Permit checklist
Contractor's Private Sewage Treatment System (PSTS) Plumbing Permit checklist
Electrical Permit application
Electrical Permit checklist
Gas Permit application
Gas Fireplace Installation Permit application
Geoexchange Project
Homeowner's Private Sewage Treatment System (PSTS) Plumbing Permit checklist
HVAC Mechanical Permit checklist
Hydronic Plumbing Permit checklist
Mechanical Permit application
Plumbing Permit application
Solar Air Mechanical Permit checklist
Solar Thermal Plumbing Permit checklist
Solar Photovoltaic Electrical Permit checklist

Additional Forms / Information

Building code changes
Building Permit Application Advisory
Building Regulation bulletins
Building Permit Revision
Environmental Restoration pre-screening form
Environmental Restoration Permit application form
Form A - Manufactured Stone and Brick
Form C - Exterior Wall Claddings
Form S - Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs
New Home Inspection Handbook
New home - Single Construction Permit application
Residential Improvement Projects application form


Additions to a residence
Basement development
Call before you dig
Certificates of compliance
Contextual dwellings
Detached garages & carports
Development & Building Permits for common home renovation projects
Fireplaces & stoves
Homeowner electrical wiring guide
Home based business
Homeowner's electrical permits
Homeowner permits & contractor tips
Homeowner's plumbing permits
Licence review hearings
Low Water Use Fixture Bylaw brochure
Permit requirements for commercial and industrial projects
Residential Decks
Secondary suites - A guide to developing a secondary suite
Secondary suites - Alberta Building Code requirements
Solar collectors
Tents and canopies for outdoor special events