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Building Permit issuance

Permit issuance

If an officer is satisfied that the work described in an application for a permit and the plans filed are to the best of his knowledge in accordance with the provisions of the Act and the Code and the fees specified pursuant to Schedule "A" of this Bylaw have been paid, a permit shall be issued to the applicant, with or without conditions, together with a permit placard.

When a permit is issued, one set of submitted plans, drawings, and specifications shall be returned to the applicant and shall be kept at the Site at all times during which the work is in progress, and shall be made available to an officer on demand. BYLAW NUMBER 64M94 Page 4 of 12

One set of examined plans, drawings, and specifications shall be retained by The City of Calgary.

The issuance of a permit or review of plans, drawings and specifications shall not be construed to be permission for, or an approval of, a contravention of any provision of any other act, regulation or bylaw.

The permit placard shall be posted at all times at a conspicuous place on the Site.

Notwithstanding subsection (1) (f), the permit for the Site shall be produced to an officer upon demand. (B/L 55M2006, 2006 November 27)

Permit term and extensions

A permit issued pursuant to this Bylaw, other than a permit for the use or occupancy of a building, shall expire:

  • if work authorized by the permit has not commenced within 180 days of the date of issue of the permit, or (B/L 9M2011, 2011 February 08)
  • if work authorized by the permit is commenced but is suspended or abandoned for a period of 180 days. (B/L 9M2011, 2011 February 08)

An officer may, in writing, extend a permit two times if:

  • the term of each extension of the permit does not exceed 180 days, and
  • the permit has not been revoked or is not expired (B/L 30M2009, 2009 April 27)

All applications for extension of a permit shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by the fee for extension set out in Schedule "A" attached hereto.

Re-instatement of a permit

A permit which has expired may be re-instated by the officer at the written request of an applicant within thirty (30) days of expiry, provided:

  • no changes are made in the documents submitted with the application, and
  • a permit fee equivalent to half of the original fee has been paid. (B/L 52M95, 1995 July 24), (B/L 62M2005, 2005 November 22)

General conditions and information relating to your Building Permit: