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Building Permits

When is  building Permit required?

A Building Permit IS REQUIRED to:

  • Erect a new building or structure (including retaining walls over 1.2 metres in height, swimming pools, and hot tubs), or
  • Demolish, relocate, repair, alter or make additions to an existing building or structure.

Please see the Building Permit Complete Application Requirement Lists (CARLs), fee schedules​, forms, and brochures provide detailed requirements necessary to process Building Permit applications.

You can view all current Building Permits; Development Permits; Land use Amendment, Outline Plans and Road Closure applications; and Public Notices for Development Permits on The City's My Property map.

When is a Building Permit not required?

Building Permits ARE NOT REQUIRED for:

  • Fences, sidewalks, planters
  • Retaining walls that are less than 1.2 metres in height
  • Painting, decorating and general maintenance
  • Minor repairs using similar or same materials for maintenance which do not affect any electrical or mechanical work
  • Accessory buildings not greater than 10 square metres in area, if they do not create a hazard

How much does a Building Permit cost?

The fee str​ucture for Building Permit fees is also available. Fees for the other disciplines are stated on the respective web pages and are in the various annual bulletins.

Will I need a Development Permit as well?

It may also be necessary for you to obtain a Development Permit prior to submitting an application for a Building Permit.

More details are available in our brochure called Development & Building Permits - permit requirements for common home renovations.

Do I need a permit for electrical, plumbing and gas work?

Electrical and plumbing

In addition to a Building Permit, if you intend to install or modify electrical wiring and/or plumbing, you will require separate Electrical and Plumbing Permits. Your licensed electrical and/or plumbing contractor is responsible for obtaining these permits.

You also have the option of obtaining a homeowner's Electrical Permit and/or a homeowner's Plumbing Permit.  In order to qualify for these permits;

  • the home must be a single family dwelling;
  • you must be the owner and occupant of the home; and
  • you must be performing the installations yourself.

Gas and heating

All gas and heating installations (including piping) must be carried out by a qualified licensed contractor.


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