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Special Function Class 2

Special Function – Class 2 describes a temporary event on private property that operates as a licensed restaurant, bar or nightclub. Class 2 events are likely to be of a higher impact than Special Function – Class 1 events.

Generally, a development permit IS required, however smaller, short term events do not require a development permit provided they meet ALL of the following rules:

  • Maximum 3 consecutive days; maximum 15 days in a year
  • Maximum 1 story in height for any associated temporary structures such as a tent
  • Maximum size restrictions for any associated temporary structures such as a tent:
    • under 125 square metres when within 45 metres of a residential district
    • under 300 square metres in the downtown and East Village
    • under 75 square meters in districts that only allow small drinking establishments (C-N1, C-N2, I-E, I-R, CC-ER and CC-EPR)
  • May be located anywhere on the property except for within the corner visibility triangle
  • Not located in the floodway or flood fringe*

(*Note: A development permit is required for special functions that take place in the floodway or flood fringe to assess potential safety issues.)

While most Special Function – Class 2 development permit applications can be processed within 6-8 weeks, processing time varies depending on many different factors and cannot be guaranteed. To allow adequate time to resolve any issues that may arise, it is recommended that you apply early, starting with a pre-application meeting. You can even apply as much as 12 months prior to your event.

For application inquiries, call the Planning Services Support Centre at 403-268-5311, 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday to Friday.

For other permit requirements and enforcement information, see Party tents and other special functions.

Special Function Class 2 flowchart
Special Function Class 2 flowchart

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