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Development completion permits

What is a Development Completion Permit?

The Development Completion Permit (DCP) is a document issued by the Development Authority confirming that the development has been satisfactorily completed, in accordance with the approved plans and conditions of the Development Permit. A DCP is issued after an inspection confirms the development is complete and complies with the Development Permit. A Development Completion Permit is independent from the requirements of Building Permit occupancy. 

Who is the Approving Authority?

Decisions on Development Completion Permits are made by the Development Authority. The Development Inspector is designated as a Development Authority on behalf of the City of Calgary in order to issue the DCP.

What is the Approval Process?

We’re committed to providing you with a timely response on your permit application.

Site Inspection

When the applicant/owner has finished construction or is ready to commence the use, they contact The City of Calgary to request a DCP inspection.  A Development Inspector will attend the site to inspect the development. However, with low density residential, the inspections are done automatically as part of the building permit inspections process.

Inspection Results

If the development has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and conditions of the Development Permit, the Development Inspector will sign and issue the DCP.

If the development is not complete in accordance with the approved plans and conditions, the Development Inspector may request the applicant to:

  • complete the development as approved, or
  • submit a letter of credit or other security in an amount and form acceptable to the Development Authority, in order to ensure fulfillment of the outstanding requirements of the Development Permit. The DCP will be issued upon receipt of the security funds, or
  • apply for a new Development Permit, in the event of major differences from what was approved, or
  • submit changes under a Revised Plan Application  for relatively minor changes.

The DCP cannot be issued until the new Development Permit or Revised Plan Application has been approved and all development has been completed in accordance with the approved plans and conditions.


In some circumstances, and at the discretion of the Development Authority, a security deposit may be accepted to allow the occupancy of a building or the commencement of use, prior to the development being completed.  The amount of the security must be 150% of the costs of the outstanding deficiencies. The Development Authority will then issue the DCP.  The minimum security is $3000, up to several million dollars, and must be substantiated with written quotes for outstanding materials and labor.

Once the development is complete, the site will be inspected once again and the security funds will be returned if the site complies with the Development Permit requirements. In the event the development is not completed, the City could utilize the security funds held to complete the outstanding work on the site, thereby bringing it into compliance.