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Development permits

When is a Development Permit needed?

A Development Permit is needed for most new construction or changes of use.

The following are some of the types of construction that DO NOT need a Development Permit IF they comply with all the rules of the Land Use Bylaw:

  • fences, walls, gates, parking pads, decks, garages, sheds;
  • the construction of, or addition to, single and two unit dwellings, if they are in the Developing Areas;
  • interior alterations to a residence (unless it changes the number of dwelling units);
  • some changes of use (e.g. Retail to Retail).

You can view all current Building Permits; Development Permits; Land use Amendment, Outline Plans and Road Closure applications; and Public Notices for Development Permits on The City’s My Property map.

How much does a Development Permit cost?

For fee information, please see the Planning Applications Fee Schedule.

Hints for Faster Development Permit Decisions

Have all required information in your application (see Development Permit Complete Application Requirement Lists).

If your proposal is large or is likely to be controversial, speak to the Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG) staff, community association and the neighbours as early as possible in the process.

The main criteria against which your application will be evaluated is how closely it meets the Calgary Land Use Bylaw and planning policy standards as well as any possible negative impact there might be on the neighbours.


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