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Roles of Community Association, neighbours and Ward Councillor

Community Association

The Community Association will receive a copy of the Development Permit application for comment.  Some Community Associations will invite residents to a meeting to discuss the proposal; others will simply consider the application at a regular meeting and inform City staff as to their position.  Often Community Associations actually vote on whether or not they support the application.  Rather than a vote, City staff is interested in suggestions the Community Association may have to improve the proposal.

If your application is going to be discussed by a Community Association please make every effort to attend the meeting. 


The opinions of the neighbours on an application are important to City staff.  Neighbours may be consulted through the Community Association or they may respond to the newspaper ads or site postings.  A wise applicant will have contacted all the directly affected neighbours and discussed the proposal with them.

Ward Councillor

The Ward Councillor does not play a formal role in Development Permits as an approval or refusal is generally a "technical" matter based on rules that City Council has already approved. Development Permits do not go to City Council or the Ward Councillor for a decision.