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Re/Think: Electronic Circulations



As part of our eServices initiative, we’re investigating electronic alternatives to our current paper-based circulation process for Development Permit applications.  We want to reduce the number of paper plans customers have to print and provide as part of the application and review process.  An electronic circulation process can make it faster and easier to do business with The City.

Potential benefits of electronic circulation process include:

  • 24/7 access. Upload and review plans anywhere an internet connection exists
  • Simpler to submit and manage plans
  • Improve the circulation and review process for customers, city partners and Council
  • Cut customer printing costs
  • Reduce our impact on the environment

Piloting an Electronic Circulation Process

Starting this July-to-November 2014, we’ll be piloting an electronic circulation process, inviting Commercial Development Permit applicants (commercial, multi-residential or industrial buildings), to voluntarily upload an electronic copy of their plans to a secure online site. These plans represent some of the largest planning files we receive.

An electronic copy of the planning document will be circulated electronically to Councillor and City partners as part of the testing period. 

Feedback from all participants will be gathered and used to determine overall interest, shared value and potential improvements to the electronic circulation tool.  This input will be used to determine next steps for an electronic circulation process at The City.

Further Information about the Pilot

Please contact if you’re interested in volunteering your Commercial Development Permit application, or if you have questions about the electronic circulation pilot.


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Pilot Project Updates

Interested in learning how the pilot project is going?


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