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Estimated time allowances and fees for outdoor / sidewalk cafe approvals

Time Allowance
Fees (2014)
Development pre-application
  • To identify what would be required for a development application to be supported
1-3 weeks, depending on time customer requires to prepare
N/A 2014
License of occupation
Time required to negotiate agreement depends on site specific considerations.
Development permit application (time to decision)
  • Notice posting (if required)/Circulation
  • Detailed review; comments provided to applicant; applicant response; formal decision
3 weeks
Development permit advertising
  • Provides impacted parties the opportunity to appeal
14 days (one week for advertising)
Development permit appeal (if any)
  • Appeal of approval by third party
  • OR
  • Appeal of refusal or conditions of release by applicant
2 weeks (can be extended subject to SDAB agenda)
Release of approved development permit (DP)
Immediately at the end of advertising time or upon customer satisfying any prior-to-release conditions; (or, SDAB appeal outcome)
Building approval process (IF REQUIRED)
  • Subject to complexity of structure and if fabric siding/canopy involved
2-4 weeks (Application can be pre-screened while customer awaits release of DP)
Based on value of structure
Business licence process
  • Verification that all approvals have been obtained – planning, fire, liquor (IF REQUIRED), health (IF REQUIRED)
< 1 week, provided all required approvals are in place.
$170 (new); $130 (renewal)
Development Completion Permit inspection
  • To confirm actual configuration is in accordance with approved DP plans.
  • Any issues identified must be remediated to avoid enforcement action (e.g., business license could be suspended or revoked).
Wait times vary, however business may operate in the meantime.