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Home occupation - Class 2 permit

A Home Occupation - Class 2 allows more flexibility, including the potential of impacting the neighbours; therefore, a Development Permit is required.  Before receiving this permit, a sign will be placed on the property to inform the neighbours of the proposed use, and the approved permit will be published in the local newspaper.

Some examples of home-based businesses that may fit under the Home Occupation - Class 2 rules are hairdressers, music teachers and a consultant's office (more than three visits per week).

We’re committed to providing you with a timely response on your permit application.

All Home Occupation - Class 2 development permit applications are subject to the following process:

  • The application is checked for completeness.  If more information is required, a member of our staff will contact you.
  • The application is reviewed for compliance with the rules of the Land Use Bylaw 1P2007.  Then, a notice is posted on your property for seven days.  The purpose of posting the notice is to inform your neighbours about the application and to advise them on how they may respond.
  • The application may also be circulated to the community association, the Engineering & Environmental Services Department and/or Alberta Health Services for their comments.
  • If the application is approved, the decision is advertised in the local newspaper on Thursdays in the Public Notices section.  Following publication, a two-week period is allowed for appeals to be made to the Subdivision & Development Appeal Board.  If there are no appeals after the two-week period, the permit is issued and the home occupation may begin.
  • If the application is refused, the applicant will be notified of the decision and the reasons for it by registered mail.  The decision may be appealed to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within 14 days of receipt of the letter.

General Rules for Home Occupations - Class 2

These rules are a summary of the requirements found in the Land Use Bylaw 1P2007, Section 208.

  1. You must live in the home associated with the home occupation.
  2. The business can use up to 20% of the floor area of the home or 30 square metres, whichever is less.
  3. The garage may be used for the business, provided it can still be used to park a vehicle.
  4. There can be no outside storage of material, goods, or equipment on or near the site.
  5. The business cannot be visible from the outside.
  6. The business cannot create any kind of nuisance by way of electronic interference, dust, noise, odour, smoke, or anything of an objectionable nature which is detectable to normal sensory perception from outside the home.
  7. The business cannot generate traffic to and from the home that is not characteristic of the neighbourhood.
  8. There can be one employee or business partner working at the home who does not live at the home.
  9. One commercial vehicle with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 4500 kg that is used for purposes related to the use, on the parcel where the use is located; or, one vehicle with a weight of 2500 kg, where no gross vehicle weight is specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  10. No vehicles with an enclosed cargo area greater than 17.5 cubic metres (618 cubic feet).
  11. In addition to the motor vehicle parking stalls required for the Dwelling Unit, a minimum of one additional parking stall is required for the business.  The business cannot occupy any portion of the required motor vehicle parking stalls.
  12. Must not generate more than five (5) business associated vehicle visits to the parcel on any one day, to a maximum of 15 business associated vehicle visits per week.
  13. Must not directly sell any goods at the premises, unless they are incidental and related to the service provided by the use.
  14. No form of advertising related to the business is allowed on the site.
  15. The address of the home occupation cannot be advertised to the public.

Please Note:

If you are renting your residence, authorization from the property owner is required to be submitted with the application form.

A Business Licence may also be required for a home occupation.  Please phone 403-268-5311 for further information.