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Permit requirements for outdoor murals and art signs

Here's what you need from The City of Calgary in order to put up an outdoor mural or wall art.

Mural guidelines

Murals do not require any kind of permit, including a development permit, if there is no form of text or advertising on it. This includes advertising a business which operates within the building the mural is being placed on.
The exception to this rule is when the building exterior was specified in a previous approved development Permit; then, a new development permit is required.

We’re committed to providing you with a timely response on your permit application.

Art sign guidelines

The Land Use Bylaw allows for an art sign to have up to 10 per cent of the sign area for written copy – a development permit is required if 10 per cent is exceeded.


Next steps

Contact our Planning Services Centre at 403-268-5311 to request a pre-application meeting with a City planner. Bring in a rendering of your proposed art and find out whether you can proceed.


In Calgary, there are many examples throughout the city of these large paintings, often done directly on the wall of a building.

Art signs

Art Central
art central
Copy area is less than 10 per cent
Copy on this art sign occupies a small portion of the top right corner – but less than 10 per cent.


Bridgeland business
No copy, therefore not considered an art sign
Downtown Mural
No copy, therefore not considered an art sign