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Outdoor / sidewalk cafe approvals

Outdoor cafes (aka pop-up patios) add to the vibrancy of street

life in Calgary communities. For an existing restaurant or bar to develop an outdoor cafe, various approvals are required to take into consideration any impacts to the surrounding community or streets and to help ensure the compatibility of the proposal and the safety and enjoyment of patrons.

Each situation is unique and there are a number of rules that must be met to determine whether any of the types of layouts can be accommodated, but in general the following applies:

  • Outdoor patios/cafes can potentially be located:

    • Wholly within private property lines (parking area and/or sidewalk)

    • Wholly on city sidewalk and/or curb lane

    • Combination of private and city property

  • The use of city property (sidewalk or curb lane) requires approval in the form of a “license of occupation” agreement, administered/approved by Roads.

  • Curb lanes can be considered for the configuration of the cafe OR for redirecting pedestrians, however any loss of public parking revenue must be compensated.