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Planning System - Concurrent Submission

Concurrent Submission


In the past, if you needed to redesignate your property for development, you would have to apply for a land use amendment application and wait for it to be approved by City Council before submitting your development permit. This could take quite some time. This was a lengthy process. You now have the option of applying for both permits together with a Concurrent Submission!

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Benjamin Franklin said it best: time is money. If your application is successful, you could save four months or more!

Submit a development permit application at any point after the land use amendment application has been submitted. With a Concurrent Submission, you still have two independent applications, but they are reviewed at the same time, rather than one after the other.

We recommend you book a consultation with a City planner:
  • Ask questions about the steps involved
  • Learn about risks
  • See if the concurrent submission process is right for your project
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The old way...
Reduced time
Working together...
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Applications reviewed together...
Land Use Amendments are still approved before Development Permits.

The City's optional concurrent submission process for land use amendment and development permit applications is currently being used by large scale development applicants. City staff are working with developers to improve the process for future concurrent submissions.

Side by Side

You can submit your development permit application at any point after your land use amendment. The two applications are reviewed side by side (although not necessarily by the same file manager) and will have separate Detailed Team Review documents to make it easier to understand which comments and conditions apply to each application.

What do I need to apply?

We recommend that you book a consultation with a City planner to find out if a concurrent submission is right for your project. Once you've confirmed that concurrent submission is right for you, you will find that the Complete Application Requirement Lists (CARLs) outline what you'll need to submit with your applications. You'll notice that a special declaration form is required if you're applying concurrently.