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Planning System - Notice Posting


The City is piloting our new, redesigned notice postings (signs) to better inform citizens about redesignation proposals in their communities. The new sign template is larger, easier to understand, and more visually appealing. It includes a variety of new features all with the goal of increasing public participation in the development process through the recently launched Planning & Development Map. These include:

  • Plain language descriptions
  • Clear call to actions
  • Enhanced design
  • Enhanced, visually appealing design
  • Better placement

Find out more about the signs below and tell us what you think!

Take the survey


We want to hear what you think about the new design and how we can keep improving it. Check out the new features below then take the quick survey


Now two great options!

The newly redesigned sign template is larger, more visually appealing, with easily understandable project descriptions. It is also tied to another innovative Planning System project: Planning & Development Map. The signs direct citizens to the map so that you can view more details on the project as well have your say about developments happening in your community. These complimentary tools are both intended to increase public participation in the application process. Check out the Development Map page here.

Updated language and design

The first sign you see when an application for development is being considered is the Proposed Redesignation. This is your opportunity to submit written comments to the file manager assigned to that application. You can see the old versus new signs below:

The second sign you see, is when an application for development is being considered before City Council. This is your opportunity to speak at the public hearing. You can see the old versus new signs below:

We have also made the signs much larger so that they are easier to recognize and read: