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Planning and Development resource library


Building Regulations Bulletins and Advisories 

Urban Development Bulletins


Business P​lan and Budget

Council's Fiscal Plan
Council's Fiscal Plan for Calgary
PDA Business Plan and Budget
Planning, Development & Assessment Business Plan and Budget



Frequently Referenced Bylaws

Frequently Referenced Bylaws





Addressing Bylaw 67M86


Land Use Bylaw 1P2007

Land Use Bylaw 1P2007
Land Use Bylaw 1P2007
Effective Date: June 1, 2008


Licensing Bylaws

Licensing Bylaws




Alarm Services Bylaw 31M95


Complete Application ​Requirement Lists (CARLs), Fee Schedules, Forms and Brochures

Application Requirement Lists, Forms and Brochures


Dispatch Newsle​tter

Dispatch Newsletter
For past editions of the Planning & Development Dispatch newsletter click here.


General Publ​ications

Practical Guide for Construction Sites

Practical Guide for Construction Sites in the city of Calgary

A guide to roles, responsibilities and legislation governing construction and demolition in Calgary.


Growth Manage​ment and Sustainability 

Calgary Snapshots
Calgary Snapshots 2012
Provides an overview of the various reports and activities that Geodemographics undertakes to assist Council and the Administration in planning for growth and change.
Ward Report 2012


Calgary Snapshot - Ward by the Numbers

A breakdown of ward activities by category (Planning Projects, Land Use Applications, Subdivision Applications, Development Permits, Development Complaints, Building Permits, Building & Trade Inspections, Business Licence).

Centre City Plan
Centre City Plan
Draft Developed Areas growth and Change 2014

Draft Developed Areas Growth and Change 2014

Provides a summary on demographic, housing and development activity data for each of the Developed Area typologies, and analyses on intensification potential.

Employment Areas Growth and Change 2010

Employment Areas Growth and Change 2010

Provides a mapped inventory of industrial growth from 2007 to 2009 and available industrial land to accommodate future growth based on municipal infrastructure plans.

Imagine Calgary Plan
Imagine Calgary Plan for Long Range Urban Sustainability
Municipal Development Plan
Municipal Development Plan (MDP)
Suburban Residential Growth

Suburban Residential Growth 2013-2017

Identifies the infrastructure needs over the five-year period as a result of growth.

2020 Sustainability Direction



2020 Sustainability Direction

The Annual report 2012

Detailed Appendix

A strategic guide for transformation that identifies what must happen at The City over the next 10 years to contribute towards the imagineCALGARY 100-year vision. 

Sustainable Suburbs Study
Sustainable Suburbs Study
Urban Design Framework
Urban Design Framework


Calgary Heritage Strategy and Policy

Policy Guideline​s and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

























A Guide to Special Care Facilities

Airport Agreement, 1993

Amateur Radio Antenna Support Structures in Residential Areas 

Child Care Service Policy and Development Guidelines

Environmentally Friendly Options for Your Home (1999)

Guide to Contextual Dwellings

Improving Calgary's Entranceway

Inner City Transportation System Management Strategy

JUCC School Sites Report

Low Density Residential Housing Guidelines for Established Communities

Municipal Development Plan

Parking Policy Framework

Pawn Shop and Pay Day Loan policy

Planning Policy for Parking Relaxations

Planning Principles for the location of Care Facilities and Shelters (2011)

Plus 15 Map

Procedures for disposing of Surplus School Sites and Facilities Policy

Slope Adaptive Development Policy and Guidelines

South Nose Creek Site Plan

Sustainable Suburbs Study

Telecommunication Antenna Structures Siting Protocols

The City of Calgary Heritage Management Program Policies and Procedures

Third Party Advertising Sign Guidelines

Transit Oriented Development Policy Guidelines

Transportation and Utility Corridor Secondary Use Study

Triple Bottom Line Policy

Visitor Parking Permit Policy

Wind Energy Conversion System Policy



Calgary Metropolitan Plan

Calgary Metropolitan Plan

Foothills Intermunicipal Development Plan
Foothills /Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan
Rocky View Intermunicipal Development Plan
Rocky View/Calgary Intermunicipal Development Plan