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imagineCALGARY history

Calgarians began the process of shaping their city's future when The City of Calgary launched the imagineCALGARY initiative in 2005.

More than 18,000 Calgarians added their voice to imagineCALGARY, to produce a  long-range urban sustainability plan for the community. imagineCALGARY represented the largest visioning process of its kind anywhere in the world.

imagineCALGARY was developed as a City-led, community-owned initiative. The City provided project staff and resources to support more than 150 stakeholders who were responsible for developing the plan.

How the imagineCALGARY Plan was developed

imagineCALGARY engaged the community in a visioning process that focused on the things that matter most for the future of our city. Things like what makes this city great and how those pieces fit together. People, buildings, parks, commerce, roads, businesses, skills, community relationships, government structures, incomes, plants and animals, history, churches, schools and countless other elements that make up our city were all discussed.

Five systems framed the conversation:  

  • Built Environment  
  • Economic  
  • Governance  
  • Natural Environment  
  • Social
The result was a comprehensive blueprint that all citizens, businesses, institutions, and all organizations including The City could play a role in achieving. The Plan itself includes 114 targets within 32 goal areas.
Since 2007, the imagineCALGARY Partnership has been a method for collaboration and networking across the community.