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imagineCALGARY - planning for Calgary's future

What does the future look like for our city? imagineCALGARY is a long range urban sustainability plan for Calgary.

What is imagineCALGARY?

imagineCALGARY is the blueprint for the future of our city. It is a 100-year vision that represents the range of goals and needs for the future of our city. It also includes a series of 10 to 30 year targets that help organizations and individuals take action to reach these long-term goals.

Download the imagineCALGARY Plan for Long Range Urban Sustainability.

Why does Calgary need a sustainability plan?

As the city continues to face record levels of growth, a plan that outlines the goals of the community is important. With a plan to get us there citizens, corporations, community agencies and The City of Calgary are working together to shape the city's future.

At The City, the imagineCALGARYPlan has influenced the development of many long-term plans and policies, including:

The imagineCALGARY Partnership

Since 2007, the imagineCALGARY Partnership has been a method for collaboration and networking across the community.

The plan is used to help partners and The City develop strategic, sustainability-focused priorities.

Today, any organization can sign up to be a member of the partnership. Organizations across the community continue to use the imagineCALGARY Plan to help inform their own strategies related to the future that Calgarians want for our city.

Learn more about the history of imagineCALGARY and imagineCALGARY's role in our community.