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Calgary Planning Commission

Calgary Planning Commission is a committee appointed annually by City Council.
The commission acts as the Approving Authority on all subdivision matters and as Development Authority on some development matters.​

The Calgary Planning Commission makes recommendations to Council on land use and planning items such as Area Structure Plans, land use designations, and street and lane closures. The commission responds to any planning-related requests from Council. The meetings of the Calgary Planning Commission are held in public but they are not public hearings. The recommendations of the Commission relating to land use planning policy or redesignation are directed to Council. City Council is the body who holds public hearings on these matters.

Calgary Planning Commission and Public Hearing dates​

Members of the Calgary Planning Commission

The Commission is made up of the following members:

Administration Members

Acting General Manager, Planning, Development & Assessment
Matthias Tita
Phone: (403) 268-5394

General Manager, Transportation
Malcolm Logan
Phone: (403) 268-5637

Council Members

Councillor, Ward 9
Gian-Carlo Carra
Phone: (403) 268-2430

Councillor, Ward 12
Shane Keating
Phone: (403) 268-2478

Citizen Members

Mr Roy Wright
Roan Consulting
Phone: (403) 607-8486

Mr Melvin Foht
Royop Development Corporation
Phone: (403) 698-8510

Mr Colin Friesen
Phone: (403) 969-3123

Mr Andrew Palmiere
O2 Planning + Design Inc.
Phone: (403) 228-1336

Ms Lourdes Juan
Phone: (403) 619-6373

Mr Douglas Leighton
Phone: (403) 829-6935

While Historic City Hall is under construction, the Commission will meet in Council Chambers at 1 p.m. every second Thursday. Visitors attending Calgary Planning Commission will be subject to security screening when entering Council Chambers. The meeting agenda for the Commission is normally available in the afternoon of the Friday before the date of the Commission meeting.

Calgary Planning Commission Agenda for October 19, 2017

Upcoming Calgary ​Planning Commission meetings

A webcast of the biweekly meeting of Calgary Planning Commission can be viewed on the Council and Committee webcasts page.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Calgary Planning Commission Archived Agend​​as, Minutes and Video

These agendas and minutes are updated biweekly on Fridays.

​2017 Agendas ​​​2017 Minutes ​Meeting Video
​October 5 October 5
September 21 September 21 September 21
September 7 September 7 ​September 7
August 24 August 24 August 24
August 10 August 10 August 10
July 27 ​July 27 July 27
​July 13 ​July 13 July 13
​June 29 ​June 29 ​Not Available
​June 15 June 15 ​Not Available
​June 1 ​June 1 ​Not Available
​May 18 May 18 ​Not Available
​May 4 ​May 4 ​Not Available
April 20 ​April 20 ​Not Available
April 6 ​April 6 ​Not Available
​March 23 March 23 ​Not Available
March 9 ​March 9 ​Not Available

If you are looking for Minutes or Agendas that are not listed here, please email a request to

Contact Calgary Plannin​g Commission​​​​​​​​​