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Calgary Planning Commission agenda

Please visit Calgary Planning Commission agenda & minutes archives 2015-2016; page for copies of Calgary Planning Commission agendas and minutes for 2013-2016.
In addition, please see the following Calgary Planning Commission public hearing schedules, members list and brochure information:
Calgary Planning Commission is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to City Council on land use planning matters in Calgary, to act as the approving authority on all subdivision matters and to act as Development Officer on some development matters.

A webcast of the biweekly meeting of Calgary Planning Commission can be viewed on the Council and Committee webcasts page on

2016 June 30

2016 June 30

Item 3.01: LOC2016-0092
Item 3.02: LOC2016-0053
Item 3.03: LOC2016-0074
Item 3.04: LOC2016-0105
Item 5.01: LOC2016-0089