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Subdivision application requirements

All Subdivision applications are required to be submitted electronically (via ePlans).

The following checklists detail the information necessary to process subdivision applications.

Subdivision fee schedule
Condominium certificate AND application form
Miscellaneous plans (revised Feb 15, 2013)
Outline plans (revised Feb 15, 2013)
Site contamination statement
Street/lane closure (revised Feb 15, 2013)
Subdivision by instrument (revised Feb 15, 2013)
Subdivision by tentative plan (revised Feb 15, 2013)
Plan of endorsement (revised Feb 15, 2013)

Please note:  The City of Calgary's approved Land Use Bylaw 1P2007 contains a range of land use districts, allowable uses and development rules.  Bylaw 1P2007 can be viewed at  Maps showing the approved districts for each parcel of land in the city can be viewed at To make an inquiry, please dial 3-1-1.