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ePlans is the electronic submission of Subdivision Plans for planning approval and City endorsement. VISTA is the online tool you will use to submit your application. Each application is assigned a Job Access Code which allows you to monitor it's progress through the review process.

All Subdivision applications are required to be submitted electronically through VISTAShould you have any questions regarding electronic submissions, email us at

Online Submission Requirements:

  1. User Registration

    To submit Subdivision Applications electronically, applicants must first become a Registered User in order to log onto VISTA. To request an account and ID, please fill in the online registered user account application form.  One account/ID will be assigned per organization.

  2. User Tools

Note:  It is understood that not everyone will have the technology readily available to submit electronic applications. Applications for Subdivision Approval can still be made at the Development & Building Approvals Customer Advisory Services counter. However, the plans and documents to be submitted as part of an application must be in the required digital format as outlined on the check lists. Documents can be converted to digital format at a number of commercial printing establishments throughout the city.