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Anderson Station Area Redevelopment Plan

The Proposed Area Redevelopment Plan will be presented to Calgary Planning Commission in Q1 2017 followed by a Public Hearing of Council to consider the Area Redevelopment plan.

Story boards from our information session in November 2016 are available for review.

The Anderson Station Area Redevelopment Plan is available for review.

What's covered in the plan?

plan diagram
  • Land Use and Density
  • Streetscape design
  • Open Space Network (Parks & Open Space)
  • Mobility: (Street Network, Pedestrian & Cycling Network, Transportation Study, Parking)
  • Built Form and Site Design
  • Implementation

The Anderson Station Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was presented to the Calgary Planning Commission (CPC) on August 27, 2015. Calgary Planning Commission referred the item back to Administration to return no later than 2015 December 17 in order to:

  1. Review the appropriateness of the boundaries of the plan area and amend/adjust as appropriate.
  2. Incorporate Complete Streets guidelines or provide rational for deviation.
  3. Develop a staging plan that address when the C-Train parkade/garage structure is to be in place.
  4. If easterly boundary includes Willow Park Village and South Centre Mall, etc. Address/identify opportunities for redevelopment (intensification) of land to the east of MacLeod Trail.
  5. Address the future potential use, servicing and linkage to the Calgary Transit Anderson yard site.
  6. Amend Map 2.2 to change transition to low density residential on west side to "Building Set Back Rail Right of Way". Add "Transition to Low Density Residential" to west of "Building Set back from Rail Right of Way".
  7. Review all maps to be consistent with street names and road alignment, throughout the document. (i.e. Map 1.1 to include Southport Road, 99 Avenue & Willow Park Drive SE).
  8. Review photo imagining, to confirm image supports policy and label its intent.
  9. Add Glossary of definitions.
  10. As noted Page 17 paragraph 2 there are incomplete thoughts that require review and editing throughout the document.
  11. Add Appendix C "Urban Design Guidelines for Transit Hub".
  12. Ensure "North" arrows are on right for mapping consistency. (as noted on Map 1.1 where the arrow is in the left corner and very small).
  13. Review section 4.1 "Streetscape Design" for consistency with diagrams and text (i.e. sidewalk dimensions).

On November 19, 2015 CPC approved an Administration request to have the Anderson Station ARP tabled to return to CPC no later than December 15, 2016.