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Banff Trail - Capitol Hill Community Planning Project

What’s New?

 Amendments to the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and the Capitol Hill portion of the North Hill ARP were adopted by City Council at a Public Hearing of Council on March 7. A number of revisions to the  amendments recommended by Calgary Planning Commission were adopted by Council. Please see the March 7 Council minutes for the changes.

The Area Redevelopment Plan amendments provide guidance for land owners, residents, City Administration and Council when considering future applications to redesignate (rezone) land in the communities of Banff Trail and Capitol Hill. All land use resdesignations (rezoning) must go through a separate owner-initiated or City-initiated process.

The amendments include:

  • revisions to future land use maps,
  • the addition of maximum building height maps
  • revisions to the residential policy sections of both ARPs

Review the summary  of the public feedback we heard and the display boards from the September 29, 2015 open house.

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The purpose of the Banff Trail Capitol Hill Community Planning Project is:

  1. To engage with the community of Banff Trail about future transit oriented development east of the LRT alignment along Capitol Hill Crescent.
  2. Work with local stakeholders to identify potential locations for modest redevelopment, consistent with the policies of the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and within the boundaries of the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP).

Since the launch of the Banff Trail Community Planning Project, the Capitol Hill Community Association requested to be included in the process. Capitol Hill has a common boundary with Banff Trail and the communities share many of the same characteristics, issues and opportunities. Both communities are now included in the project, and will have the same webpage, workshops and engagement opportunities.