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Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Transit Oriented Development



What is Transit Oriented Development?
Transit oriented development (TOD) is a walkable, mixed-use form of area development typically focused within a 600m radius of a transit station – a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stop, prior to the arrival of LRT. Higher density development is concentrated near the station to make transit convenient for more people and encourage ridership. This form of development utilizes existing infrastructure, optimizes use of the transit network and creates mobility options for transit riders and the local community. Successful TOD provides a mix of land uses and densities that create a convenient, interesting and vibrant community for local residents and visitors alike.
TOD is also about enabling sustainable long-term urban growth. TOD is all about creating mixed-use communities in key strategic areas around the City, in our established communities to provide Calgarians with more choices of places to live that are less reliant on motor vehicle transportation. For more information on our long-term growth plan, please go to
Transit Oriented Development Framework
As part of the City of Calgary’s ongoing commitment to create great places to live within our city, a Transit Oriented Development Framework is being created to:
  • help Communities, City Staff, and City Council make decisions regarding development proposals around existing and future important transit stations, like CTrain and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) stops
  • highlight opportunities for TOD across the city,
  • help City Staff invest strategically at TOD areas
The TOD Framework will provide guidelines for urban design and land use principles to create an attractive, urban, walkable environment where there are opportunities to live, work, shop, and play without primarily depending on the automobile. The TOD Framework is intended to replace the Transit Oriented Development Policy Guidelines which were approved by City Council in December 2004.
The TOD Framework will be used to provide land use and development guidance at both LRT and BRT stations, where a Station Area Plan is not in place.  If you would like more information regarding Transit and Transportation policies for the future, please see the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP)
What’s Next?/Get Involved
On December 8th, we completed our last official Making Stations Places event at the opening day festivities for the new West LRT line. Since launching the events in April 2012, we attended over 15 events, including several community and cultural festivals across the city, with Lego that children and adults could use to build model developments that they would like to see around transit stations. We engaged thousands of Calgarians of all ages in a discussion about The City’s policies on building communities around transit stations. We were truly inspired by the ideas, hopes, and suggestions that every participant brought forward – and we thank everyone for coming out!

At this point there are no upcoming engagement events planned, however there will be more opportunities to have your say on this project once the draft Transit Oriented Development Framework is complete. Details of future engagement opportunities will be made available on this webpage.
For further information or questions regarding the Transit Oriented Development Framework please contact the Project Manager:
For media requests please call 403-828-2954 or email
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For transit schedule and route information, please contact Calgary Transit at 403-262-1000