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Residential water service(s) reuse

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Customers may apply to reuse a home's existing water, sanitary and storm water service lines in established communities when building a new home or making major renovations. Reusing existing service lines can save property owners money; however, the service lines must meet a number criteria, including pipe size and material type, in order to be approved by The City.

How do I apply?

All inquiries are now submitted by contacting 311 or submitting an online request. Eligible applicants are required to submit supporting documents for initial review.

Who is eligible?

Citizens or contractors can request to re-use site services (water, sanitary or storm) when:

  • Redevelopments where the original basement foundation remains unchanged and the addition proposed will increase the total above square footage by less than 50 per cent.
  • Redevelopments where the above ground addition or basement foundation addition proposed will increase the total above ground square footage by more than 50 per cent. However, in this situation, additional conditions must be met and additional documents are required:

    What are the ​conditions that need to be met?
    • The water service is a minimum of 20 mm or larger PE, PEX or copper and has a fully operable service valve capable of providing a complete shut-down of the water supply. Existing water services which are lead or galvanized iron on public or private property are not eligible for reuse as these materials are no longer permitted under the Canadian Plumbing Code.
    • The sanitary service is a minimum of 100 mm PVC or DR17 HDPE.
    • The storm service is a minimum of 75 mm PVC or DR17 HDPE.

    What are the required supporting documents?
    • A water service sizing calculation certifying that the existing water service size meets the Canadian Plumbing Code (CPC) Division B fixture count requirements.
    • A private sewer inspection video, accompanied by the engineer’s letter attesting that the existing sanitary and/or storm services are acceptable for reuse.
    • Complete documentation, including engineering design drawings and material specifications for the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) installation, where a CIPP sewer line exists, or is proposed for installation as an upgrade.

Who is not eligible?

New Alberta Building Code requirements for the width of the service connection have increased, which will affect requests in older communities.

Citizens or contractors will not be eligible to re-use site services (water, sanitary or storm) when:

  • Demolishing an existing home and replacing it with a single or semi-detached home.
  • It is a new building being constructed.
  • Existing water services are made of lead or galvanized iron on public or private property.

Exceptions may be made for properties where demolition was due to fire or a natural disaster. If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact 311.


What should applicants know before applying?

  • Opting to reuse existing service lines may negatively impact the pressure of volume of water supplied. The performance of existing sewer services will not be improved.
  • If any of the services require full length excavation, all services within the same trench must be replaced.
  • All work must be carried out by a contractor on The City of Calgary indemnified contractor list and written confirmation of the completed work must be submitted by the contractor directly to The City. More information on installing water and sewer connections can be found here.