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VISTA (View Information Specific To your Application) is an easy to use, online program that lets you:

  • Track and monitor status of applications
  • View deficiencies
  • Book inspections


Visit VISTA and get up-to-date information on your development permit, building permit and/or business licence. Some of the items you can apply for and view include:


  • Use ePlans​ to submit, circulate and acquire approval of subdivision and legal
    plan applications.
  • Apply for subdivision approval
  • Apply for legal plans for subdivision endorsement
  • Apply for miscellaneous plans (endorsements not tied to a subdivision application)
  • Apply for land use, outline plan and road closures


  • View the status on single-family construction permits, book inspections and view deficiencies
  • View the status on commercial and multi-family permits
  • Apply for trade permits, book inspections and view deficiencies.

The VISTA Online Permits User Manual and a list of Frequently Asked Questions are available in pdf format.

Residential permits start going online

As part of The City’s eServices initiative, we’re working to make it faster and easier to apply for residential permits, and have that work inspected, by putting these services online.

Industry customers can now apply online for Single Construction Permits, or new home permits in developing communities online. As we move forward additional residential permits will become available online over the next few years.

Learn more about Residential ePermit.

A​pplication forms​