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Mobility choices

Keeping Calgarians on the move

Keeping Calgarians on the move means emphasizing sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, cycling and transit where they can provide convenient and realistic travel choices. Walking, cycling and transit are more sustainable modes because:

  • they require less energy;
  • need less infrastructure and typically cost less to build
  • are available to most Calgarians

In areas of the city where these options are less convenient, efforts to ease congestion and improve roadway capacity for private vehicles will be emphasized. Keeping Calgarians on the move through improved mobility choices means:

  • Providing convenient and realistic travel options, regardless of age or income
  • Making non-automobile modes of travel more convenient
  • Improving overall mobility for all Calgarians


Projects that make walking a convenient, year-round option for more Calgarians include:  


Current plans and projects that make cycling a convenient, year-round option for more Calgarians include:


Projects and services to make transit a convenient year-round option and the preferred mobility choice for more Calgarians include:


Efforts to reduce traffic congestion by encouraging carpooling and implementing high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes include: