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Mobility planning

Building infrastructure for the future

Mobility planning means developing the long-term vision of transportation in Calgary and defining strategies to meet current and future mobility needs. These strategies serve to move people and goods throughout the city efficiently and sustainably and will guide the investment decisions that will shape how citizens work, live and travel within Calgary over the next 60 years.

The Calgary Transportation Plan is a long-range plan for meeting future mobility needs. Together with the Municipal Development Plan, it describes the vision for Calgary's growth over the next 60 years.

Investing in Mobility: Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan (TIIP) defines the priority and timing of major construction projects for the Transportation Department.

The Centre City Mobility Plan is a balanced and coordinated strategy to meet the long-term mobility needs of pedestrians, cyclists, transit customers, goods movement and vehicles in the downtown core.

The cycling strategy is a comprehensive plan to expand the bicycle network and encourage more Calgarians to cycle. It’s the first step in making Calgary a bicycle-friendly city.


Complete Streets is an initiative to increase the attractiveness, convenience and safety of all modes of travel by creating multi-use streets that emphasize walking, cycling and transit.

RouteAhead is a strategic framework to guide public transit in Calgary over the next 30 years. The plan will help Council and Calgary Transit make informed decisions on how to make our transit system better.