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Mobility services

Keeping Calgarians on the move

The Transportation department is committed to delivering effective and efficient mobility services and meeting the transportation needs of the City, its communities and its citizens.

Keeping Calgarians on the move means improving existing mobility services by:

  • Extending CTrain service to high growth communities in the City’s Northeast and Northwest
  • Increasing funding and response times for snow and ice control
  • Providing motorist with real-time information about travel times along Deerfoot Trail

Keeping Calgarians on the move also means providing specialized mobility services like:

  • Roving tow truck service that removes stalled vehicles on key roads, reducing congestion and delays and improving safety for all motorists.
  • Access Calgary which provides specialized transportation services and delivers approximately 1 million trips to nearly 15,000 Calgarians with disabilities.

Other services to help meet the daily mobility needs of Calgarians include: