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Local improvements petition for and notice of intention

Most citizen initiated local improvements are for backlane paving. A petition for a local improvement is when a citizen begins the process of gathering the necessary signatures to commence with a local improvement.

NOTE: The following information is supplemental to the Local Improvements brochure, and is provided here to give a synopsis of the process.

Petition for

Property owners can initiate local improvements. A Notice of Intention to undertake a local improvement is sent to affected property owners by The City. This indicates the type of work proposed and the estimated cost to the property owner.

To initiate a local improvement you will need to obtain a "petition for" package (includes a petition form, rates sheet, initial estimated cost and map) by creating a Service Request.

eServices - request a petition for and notice of intention package

To be valid, the petition form must be signed by at least two-thirds of the affected property owners who represent at least half the total assessment of the affected area. All signatures must be obtained within a 60-day period, in accordance with the provisions in the Municipal Government Act.

The owner of multiple properties within the affected area will count as only one vote.

The completed petition form, affidavit and statement of witness must be completed and signed in the presence of a Commissioner for Oaths. There is a Commissioner for Oaths available free of charge at the Local Improvement Office – by appointment only. Please call the number provided in the petition package to make an appointment. If you require the phone number, call 311 to obtain it. Once signed, return it to The City as indicated in the package.

Notice of Intention

This is a letter sent by The City to property owners who are affected by the local improvement once the package has been received and validated. This indicates the type of work proposed and the estimated cost to each property owner. Affected citizens have 30 days from the mailing date of this notice to appeal through the Petition against process.

There are several steps involved in the Local Improvement process. You can learn more about this by following the links below.