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Kensington improvements project

Project update

Update November 3, 2016

  • Construction of the north sidewalk of Kensington Road N.W. east of 14 Street N.W. to the driveway of Shoppers Drug Mart is anticipated to be re-opened to pedestrians by November 5, weather permitting. Pedestrian access will be provided in the closed lane adjacent to construction.
  • Two small sections of sidewalk on the east side of 10 Street N.W. between 2 Avenue N.W. and 3 Avenue N.W. will be replaced with electrical junction boxes to accommodate the outlets on the street light poles. These junction boxes will be level with the sidewalk (not raised). These outlets have been requested to be installed to allow lighting to be placed in the trees. It is anticipated that this construction will start November 9, weather permitting, and will take four days. Pedestrian and business access will not be restricted and will be permitted behind the removed sidewalk flags during construction.
  • City of Calgary Signals group will be replacing the street light extensions on the signals at Kensington Road N.W. and 10A Street N.W. on November 8, 2016 (weather permitting).
  • Due to the weather, the construction of the two concrete bus pads on 14 Street N.W adjacent to Kensington Road N.W. will be delayed until the spring of 2017.
  • Any outstanding street furniture (waste receptacles and benches) will be placed within the next two weeks.
  • Two media pillars are still outstanding to be placed in Kensington, one on Kensington Road N.W. and one on 10 Street N.W. Fabrication and shipping of these media pillars has been delayed by the supplier. It is anticipated that these media pillars will be installed prior to the end of 2016.

See previous Kensington update documents.

Project construction schedule

 Updated November 3, 2016

​Date ​Block
​2015 - Sep. 16 – Oct. 3 ​10 Street N.W. between 4 Avenue N.W. and 3 Avenue N.W. (east side) – Completed
​2015 - Oct. 2 – 19 ​10 Street N.W. between 3 Avenue N.W. and 2 Avenue N.W. (east side) – Completed
​Mon., Apr. 11 – Fri., Apr. 29 ​10 Street N.W. between 2 Avenue N.W. and Memorial Drive N.W. (east side) – Completed
​Mon., May 2 – Mon., May 16 ​Kensington Road N.W. between 10A Street to 11 Street N.W. (North Side) – Completed
​Mon., May 9 – Tues., May 30 ​10 Street N.W. between 2 Avenue N.W. and 3 Avenue N.W. (west side) – Completed
​Mon., May 16 – Sat., Jun. 4 ​10 Street N.W. between Gladstone Road N.W. and 3 Avenue N.W. (west side) – Completed
​Tues., May 24 – Tues., Jun. 14 ​10 Street N.W. between 2 Avenue N.W. and lane north of Kensington Road N.W. (west side) – Completed
​Mon., May 30 – Sat., July 13* ​Kensington Road N.W. between 10A Street N.W. and lane west of 10 Street N.W. (north side) – Completed
​Mon., June 6 – Mon., June 20 ​Kensington Road N.W. between 11 Street N.W. and 11A Street N.W. (north side) – Completed
​Mon., June 13 – Sun., June 26 ​Kensington Road N.W. between 11A Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W.  (north side) – Completed
​Mon., June 20 – Wed., July 20 ​Kensington Road N.W. between 12 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W. (north side) – Completed  (exception corners at 14 Street NW)
Mon., July 18 – Wed., Aug. 3* ​Kensington Road NW between 14 Street NW and 13 Street NW (south side) – Completed (exception corner at 14 Street NW)
​Wed., July 20 ​13 Street N.W. will be closed on the south side of Kensington Road N.W. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, July 20 due to streetlight installation. - Completed
​Sat., July 23– Sun., July 24 ​Closure of Kensington Road N.W. between 11A Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W. – underground construction - Completed
​Mon., July 25 – Sat., Jul. 30 ​North west corner of 11A Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. - Completed
​Mon., July 25 – Sat., Jul. 30 ​North west corner of 12 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. - Completed
​Sat., Aug. 6 ​Intersection work at 10 Street N.W. & 2 Avenue N.W. – Underground construction - Completed
​Sat., Aug. 13 ​Intersection work at 10 Street N.W. and 4 Avenue N.W. – underground construction on 4 Avenue N.W. - Completed
​Tues., Aug. 2 – Wed., Aug. 31* ​Kensington Road N.W. between 13 Street N.W. and 12 Street N.W. (south side) - Completed
Fri., Aug. 5 – Wed., Aug. 24 ​Kensington Road NW between 12 Street N.W. and Kensington Crescent N.W. (west exit) - south side - Completed
​Mon., Aug. 22 – Fri., Sep. 9 ​Kensington Road N.W. between Kensington Crescent N.W. (west exit) and Kensington Crescent N.W. (east entrance) – south side - Completed
​Mon., Aug. 29 – Sun., Sep. 11 ​Kensington Road N.W. between 10A Street N.W. and 10 Street N.W. (south side) - Completed
​Tues. Sep. 6 – Sat. Sep. 17 ​10 Street N.W. (west side) at 2 Avenue N.W. – Adjacent to The Kensington development by Bucci - Completed
​Mon. Sep. 12 – Mon. Sep. 19 ​10 Street N.W. between Kensington Road N.W. and Memorial Drive N.W. (west side) - Completed
​Fri., Sep. 23 – Mon., Sep. 26 ​​South east corner of Kensington Road & 14 Street NW (south side) - Completed
​Fri., Sep. 23 – Tues., Oct. 11 ​Kensington Road N.W. between Kensington Crescent N.W. (east entrance) and 10A Street N.W. (south side) - Completed
​Thurs., Oct. 20 – Mon., Oct. 28 ​11A Street NW between Kensington Road NW & Lane - Completed
​Mon., Oct. 17 – Fri., Oct. 21 Northeast corner of Kensington Road & 14 Street NW (north side) - Completed

 *Dates are weather permitting – Schedule to be updated weekly to provide most accurate information

Project overview

This summer we’re into Kensington! The City of Calgary, in partnership  with the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ), will be implementing improvements to Kensington’s public realm. The project will focus on redesigning and replacing the streetscape of Kensington Road N.W. between 10 Street N.W. and 14 Street N.W. and on 10 Street N.W. between Memorial Drive and 5 Avenue N.W.

Improvements will include the replacement of ageing infrastructure like sidewalks, trees, street lights and street furniture to provide safer mobility in the area for all. 


Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Kensington pedestrian light improvements
  • Kensington LED street light improvements
  • Kensington liter receptacle improvements
  • Kensington bike rack improvements
  • New bench style in Kensington


Currently the sidewalks in Kensington are suffering from broken or missing interlocking paving stones. By replacing the paving stones with new concrete The City will eliminate trip hazards for pedestrians and provide a uniform look for all sidewalks in the area.

Before and After photos of the west side of 10 Street N.W. between Gladstone Road and 3 Avenue S.W. Brand new sidewalks on the completed blocks will make the area safer by removing trip hazards for pedestrians.


Many of the trees in the Kensington area are old and dying which results in high maintenance costs every year. These old or dying trees will be replaced. Additionally, tree trenches will be installed under the sidewalk. Tree trenches provide extra room for tree roots to grow and hold rain water to keep the tree healthy.


Energy efficient LED street lighting and pedestrian lighting will be installed on 10 Street N.W. and and Kensington Road N.W. Pedestrians account for much of the traffic in Kensington, providing pedestrian street lighting will enhance safety and allow citizens to enjoy Kensington once the sun goes down.

Street furniture

Street furniture including litter receptacles, bike racks and newspaper corrals will be installed. The installation of benches, where space is available, is also being considered by the project team.

Project timeline

The first phase of construction began in September 2015. Efforts will be made to minimize the impact to local businesses during construction.

  • September/October 2015: First phase of construction began.
  • Summer 2016: Construction continuation on 10 Street N.W. and Kensington Road N.W. Additionally, tree installation will take place throughout the entire project area.
  • Fall 2016: Construction completed.

Construction Schedule


  • Approximately two weeks prior to construction adjacent property owners will be notified of impending construction.
  • Approximately one to two weeks prior to construction utility lines for ATCO, ENMAX, Telus, Shaw, etc. will be identified using paint on the sidewalk and roads. Temporary signage for sidewalk or road detours will be set up.

Construction details:

Constructions on each block will take approximately two weeks to complete. This timeline is weather dependent. Each block phase will follow the following steps:

  1. Saw cutting and removal of existing concrete sidewalk and asphalt pavement. This will occur between the back of the curb and the property line.
  2. Temporary wood planking will be installed to provide pedestrian access for local businesses.
  3. Installation of new underground conduits and pedestrian/streetlight bases. Tree trenches will also be installed at this time. 
  4. Once all underground elements have been installed prep work for new concrete will be done. This includes gravelling, forming and levelling to allow of the construction of new curbs and sidewalks.
  5. Next the concrete is poured and any adjacent asphalt is rehabilitated. The concrete requires a minimum of 24 hours curing time before the sidewalk can be opened to the public for pedestrian access.
  6. After the concrete is cured the sidewalk is reopened and regular business access is restored.

Once all construction is completed street lighting and pedestrian lighting, as well as street furniture including bike racks, waste receptacles, benches and media pillars will be installed. Trees will be planted in the summer of 2016.

For more information on sidewalk and lane closures visit

Project budget

Council approved $4.5 million in 2012-2013 surplus parking revenues for public realm improvements in the Kensington BRZ.

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