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Edworthy hillside rock removal and safety barrier installation

From July to August 2018, City of Calgary Contractors will implement necessary safety measures along the southwest entrance road to Edworthy Park. Material has become loose and must be secured. This work includes the removal of loose rocks from the east slope at the southwest entrance of the park, and installing a wire mesh support on the slope to hold any exposed rock which may pose a risk in the future. You can find out more about our slope stability management policy and framework.
Work will be active during the day, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. It is estimated that work may continue up to one week, and is expected to start in late July, weather permitting. To complete this assessment/remedial work The City and the Consultant (or Contractor) will require access to the slope surroundings in the affected area.
The City will also be doing assessment work on the slope through the remainder of 2018.
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