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Snow route parking bans



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A Snow Route Parking Ban is not needed at this time.



Information | Snow clearing

A Snow Route Parking Ban is not needed at this time.

Snow route parking
bans are not in effect

Snow route parking
bans are pending

Snow route parking
bans are in effect

Am I affected by snow route parking bans?

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The snow route parking ban program supports snow plowing operations. When vehicles are removed from the streets, crews can clear snow from Calgary roads more efficiently and effectively. During a ban, parking will be temporarily restricted on designated snow routes for up to 72 hours. Parking bans are reserved for the few times each winter when there is a large build-up of snow on city streets.

Snow routes are located on major roadways, collector roads and most bus routes and can be identified throughout the city by blue signs with a white snowflake. Watch for these signs in your community.

Benefits of snow routes

The parking ban allows plows to clear the snow from curb to curb safely and efficiently, which eliminates several issues, such as snow building up beside parked cars and reduced road widths due to snow accumulations.

Parking bans not only help The City remove snow from major traffic routes more effectively, but also allow crews to start snow clearing residential routes faster. This benefits all Calgarians and helps make travel safer for everyone.

The Road Conditions map shows the GPS locations of plows/sanders and the current road plowing status. 

How snow routes work

  • Snow routes include collector roads and most bus routes.
  • The City will issue an advisory when a parking ban will be implemented within the next 1-2 days.
  • The City will will declare a parking ban is in effect when crews finish plowing Priority One routes, but before they start on Priority Two routes (collector roads, major community access roads, etc.) Parking bans will be in effect for up to 72 hours or until The City declares they have been lifted. The parking ban will be announced through local radio and TV stations, and will be publicized on this webpage and through other communications channels.
  • Snow clearing operations will be ongoing. Parked cars must be moved from snow routes when a parking ban is called. Vehicles that remain parked on these roads during the ban are subject to enforcement, up to and including a parking ticket and tow. Check the FAQ page for more information.
**Please Note** If you typically park your vehicle on a snow route and are going out of town or leaving your car on the street for an extended period of time this winter, you should find alternate parking before you go. The Province’s Traffic Safety Act also bans vehicles from parking in one spot for over 72 hours. If snowfalls are anticipated, residents should try to be proactive and remove their vehicles from the street until the snow has been cleared off the road.

Snow route exemptions

On-Street Handicap Zones – no parking bans

On-street handicap zones located along snow routes will be exempt from the parking ban at all times. Citizens with mobility challenges can apply for a handicap zone in front of their home by following the handicap parking zone and sign process

Downtown and Business Revitalization Zones – parking bans 9 p.m.- 6 a.m.

Vehicles can continue to park in the ParkPlus system zones located on snow routes during the day (from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m.) Monday to Saturday during a Snow Event. Parking is not permitted in the ParkPlus system zones during a Snow Event from 21:00-0:600 (9 p.m. until 6 a.m.) when a ban is in effect. Check out the snow route location map for further information.

Find out if a snow route parking ban is in effect

The City will use a variety of channels to inform Calgarians when snow route parking restrictions are in effect and when they are lifted.

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information on how Snow Route parking bans work.

Help City crews keep our streets clear and safe during the snowy season by obeying snow route parking bans. Parking will be temporarily restricted on designated snow routes for up to 72 hours following a declaration of a snow ban by The City.

  Snow Route Map

Snow route signs are posted along all affected roadways. Check the snow route parking map to find out where snow routes are located.

  Parking Ban Email Alerts

Sign-up to receive an email notification when Snow Route Parking Bans are in effect.

  Calgary Parking Authority

Calgary Parking Authority fines $75 to all vehicles parked on snow routes during a snow parking ban. For information on enforcement and where to park during a parking ban visit the Calgary Parking Authority.

Snow and Ice Concerns

Report a complaint or concern on a public sidewalk, city road, on pathways and walkways or Calgary Transit property.


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