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Snow and Ice Control program


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Snow clearing


A Snow Route Parking Ban is not in effect at this time.



Information | Snow clearing

A Snow Route Parking Ban is not in effect at this time.

Roads is responsible for The City’s snow and ice control (SNIC) program and is committed to helping make Calgary safe for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles. An effective snow and ice control program is essential to allow the municipality to function under normal winter weather conditions and follows the seven day snow plan.  

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​Snow Route Parking ​Road Conditions Map ​FAQs
Temporary parking restrictions will be in effect for 72 hours following a declared snow event on specific routes throughout Calgary.
• Snow Route parking bans
• Benefits of Snow Routes
• Snow Route locations
• Snow Route exemptions
The Road Conditions Map provides real-time information on current road conditions to help drivers navigate the winter roads. Now available as an iPhone app.
• Priority 1 Routes
• Priority 2 Routes
• Traffic Camera locations
• Plow/Sander locations
Our Frequently Asked Questions help you learn more about the Snow and Ice Control program. View:
• Snow and Ice Control
• Snow Route parking bans
• Salt management plan

Report a snow and ice issue

To report snow and ice issues on Calgary roads, overpasses and bridges, fill out the online Snow and Ice Control Service Request.

eServices - Snow and Ice Control Requests 

Issues that will be handled within this Service Request include:

  • Snow and ice concerns on roadways, bridges, in backlanes, on pedestrian overpasses and on City-owned stairs
  • Excessive sanding/salting concerns
  • Road impassable due to snow
  • Snow fence requests
  • Snow plowed onto sidewalks

For snow and ice concerns not listed above, visit Report snow and ice concerns online.

Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail snow and ice control is the responsibility of the Alberta Government, please call 403-543-8750 for maintenance of those roads.

What we do prior to the snow

Snow fencing (where required)

The City of Calgary uses snow fences as part of our annual winter road maintenance program. Over 140 Strategically placed snow fences reduce the build-up of drifting snow and ice on roads, and help to keep winter roads safe by improving visibility for motorists.

Anti-icing before a snow event

When snow is predicted, a calcium chloride, anti-icing solution is applied to de​signated roadways around the city. This environmentally-friendly compound helps prevent ice and snow from accumulating on the road during a snowfall. 

During and after the snow falls

Sanding, salting, and plowing roadways

The City sands, salts, and plows roads and select sidewalks based on a Council-approved priority system.

Snow removal and storage

Snow storage sites are used exclusively by The City for snow removal operations. The City has three strategically located snow storage sites for their use.

Sidewalk snow removal

The City removes snow from public sidewalks along major roadways, overpasses, and bus pads. Residential and commercial area sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owners.

Snow and Ice Control Policy

The aim of the Snow and Ice Control Policy is to provide reasonable winter driving conditions for vehicles/cycles that are:

  • Properly equipped for winter driving; and
  • are operated in a manner consistent with good winter driving habits.

For more information, see the  Snow and Ice Control Policy or view the Snow and Ice Control Policy's frequently asked questions.

Keeping our roads safe is a shared responsibility

It's important to note that parked vehicles, parking spaces and driveways may be impeded and sidewalks may be covered — home owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from those areas.​​​​​​​​​​​

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