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Winter driving tips

The following precautions can make any trip safer during the winter:

  • Tune up and winteri​ze your vehicle.
  • Check the tread on your tires and consider installing snow tires.
  • Clean snow and ice off your vehicle and ensure your headlights and windows are clear.
  • Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.
  • Reduce your speed and turn on your headlights.
  • Drive defensively.
  • Leave extra distance between you and the car ahead of you.
  • Leave 10 metres distance—about three car lengths—between your vehicle and the working sanders, graders and other snow removal equipment.
  • Do not pass working sanders or equipment.
  • Listen to your local radio station for traffic and weather updates. 
  • Consider delaying your trip until the roads are in better condition.

Make sure your car or truck is equipped with emergency supplies

Follow this handy checklist for setting up your car or truck emergency kit:

  • Blanket
  • Booster cables
  • Extra clothing and footwear
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First-aid kit with first aid manual
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Gas line antifreeze
  • Maps
  • Matches and a candle in a tin can to warm hands, heat a drink or use as an emergency light
  • Non-perishable high-energy foods such as raisins, nuts and granola bars
  • Kitty litter for traction. Sand can also be picked up at designated fire halls.
  • Shovel
  • Solar, wind-up or battery radio
  • Tool kit
  • Bottled water
  • Warning light and reflectors