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Spring Clean-up street cleaning

Spring Clean-up is an annual street sweeping program that removes sanding materials and debris that has accumulated on roads and along major sidewalks and boulevards during the winter months.

The 2016 Spring Clean-up program will begin in April and run until the end of June.

See the Spring Clean-up FAQ for further details.
eServices - Street cleaning inquiries

​​​​How you can help

The City sweeps almost 15,000 lane kilometres of paved roads, and getting the work done is a collaborative effort. We would like to thank Calgarians for their help in moving their cars and their blue, black and green carts from city streets when sweeping is scheduled.

Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail

Cleaning and maintenance of Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail is the responsibility of the Alberta Government and work is completed on their behalf by