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Pavement and concrete repairs

Major paving projects

Major paving projects

2018 schedule


Pavement and Concrete Repairs, See the paving schedule

See the paving schedule


See the paving schedule
Pavement repairs

Micro Surfacing

Pavement repairs
Concrete Repairs

Sidewalks and curbs

Concrete repairs

The City’s annual paving projects range from surface repairs to full road reconstruction. Larger projects typically start with repairing or replacing adjacent concrete structures such as sidewalks, curbs and gutters.

Projects can take from a few days up to eight weeks to complete, depending on the type of project and weather, as several steps are dependent on dry conditions. Paving season typically runs June to October.

Maintenance and restoration

Asphalt can last up to 25 years or more with proper maintenance. Many factors will cause premature aging, but one culprit is Calgary’s frequent freeze-thaw cycles during winter.

Maintenance work includes sealing cracks, leveling foundations where the soil or pavement/concrete has settled unevenly, or a preservation treatment to postpone asphalt’s natural aging process (micro surfacing). All methods are cost effective with minimal traffic disruptions.

Where stretches of pavement need more extensive repair, we remove the asphalt surface (milling) and roll out a new surface. See the road work brochure for more details on both the paving and concrete processes involved.

In a full road reconstruction, we remove both the asphalt and gravel foundation, repair the subsurface as required and then repave.

Concrete repairs

In addition to concrete work related to paving, sidewalk repairs are often required to eliminate trip hazards created when panels separate or crack due to:

  • uneven soil settlement
  • freeze-thaw cycles
  • shallow tree roots

In 2018, concrete repairs will take place in the following communities:

  • Beddington Heights
  • Huntington Hills
  • North Airways

We’ll let you know if you’ll be directly impacted by a sidewalk repair with a notice from either The City or its contractor. You can find out about other sidewalk repairs in areas you walk on the Roadway Activities Map (zoom in to see the sidewalk legend).

eServices - Request a concrete repair 

Micro surfacing

Micro surfacing is a special coating applied to asphalt that prevents surface corrosion and moisture getting into cracks. It has several benefits:

  • extends life of asphalt by five to eight years, depending on traffic volume
  • less expensive than repaving
  • fewer and shorter traffic disruptions
  • the process and product are environmentally friendly
Following a micro surfacing treatment, the road will be dark brown. Over time the colour deepens to the usual black.

Project selection process

We follow specific guidelines to identify the priorities for each paving season.
  • The Pavement Management System (PMS) measures surface defects. This system is used throughout Alberta.
  • The Pavement Quality Index (PQI) is a complementary evaluation system we developed in-house. It helps us maintain above-average standards in the quality of our road surfaces and track the aging process over time. Our staff also inspect pavement conditions through site visits and reviews of automated systems.
  • The Annual Condition Survey assesses the severity of concrete defects.