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Roads Construction Division

There are three sections in the Construction Division: Materials and Research; Construction Services; and Contracted Services.

Materials and Research

  • Researches the use of recycled materials such as asphalt, concrete, rubber, and plastic.
  • Works with the University of Calgary, other governments, and private agencies to promote innovative materials and construction methods.
  • Monitors the performance of test sections.
  • Provides technical counsel for Geotechnical evaluation, slope stability studies, and proposed pavement designs.
  • Reviews and updates the Standard Specifications, Roads Construction and Force Account Rates.
  • Serves as Category Champion for soils testing and materials quality assurance. Responsible for the Laser Profiling Program, which collects International Roughness Index (IRI) data for The City's Pavement Management Application Program (PMA).
  • Investigates traffic and construction-related vibration complaints.
  • Provides compaction testing services for City Business Units and utility agencies, and maintains a compaction reports database for new subdivisions.
  • Coordinates and oversees the Roads Pavement Rehabilitation Program.

Construction Services

  • Produces and /or supplies gravel and asphalt to City Forces and private contractors for use in the construction and maintenance of streets and utilities.
  • Hauls aggregates from production sources at Spyhill to Manchester Asphalt Plant as well as Material Conservation and Distribution centres throughout the city.
  • Produces, delivers, and blends additives and stockpiling of sanding chips and treated sanding materials for Streets Maintenance.
  • Operates with Water Services at clay material recycling sites.
  • Manages quality control on road construction materials supplied to City Forces and private contractors.
  • Researches methods, production and supply techniques of roadway construction, and maintenance materials.
  • Operates with Solid Waste Services at the Spyhill Quarry/Landfill site.

Contracted Services

  • Tenders, contract administration and inspection of the following road construction programs and projects:
    • Miscellaneous Asphalt Repairs
    • Miscellaneous Paving, Pavement Rehabilitation
    • Micro Surfacing 
    • Tier 2 Reconstruction
    • Cap Levy
    • Milling
    • Miscellaneous Concrete Replacement
    • Sidewalk Frost Repairs
    • Gravel Lane Reconstruction
    • Mudjacking Concrete
    • Crack Sealing
    • Spray Patching
    • Railway Crossing maintenance
  • Conducts Condition Survey for Municipal Pavement Management Application (MPMA)  
  • Updates Roads pavement and concrete inventory (RAMP)